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Ericsson and Becker partner on mining 5G

Newest network provides mines smart solution to productivity Metal Tech News – October 26, 2022


Last updated 11/1/2022 at 2:35pm

A mineshaft being outlined with a digital rendering.


Through a digital lens, mines can become more efficient, and in turn, more safe, with powerful networks connecting every aspect of a mine into a cohesive whole.

Seeking to unearth the future of smart mining, Swedish telecom giant Ericsson has partnered with Becker Mining Systems AG to distribute private 5G networks at global operations.

According to a recent report by Ericsson, the successful implementation of digitalization into the mining sector could potentially triple productivity growth in the industry by 2025 – shining a light on the value of creating data-driven mines.

With the apparent necessity mining will play in the ongoing energy transition, many companies are aiming to maximize output and minimize footprint.

The best way to do this, metrics.

While mining has a history of painstaking notetaking, it has been a long-time challenge to capitalize and even execute policies or technologies that could truly transform a mine into an efficient and robust ecosystem that benefits more than impairs.

Now, the global shift to reduce carbon emissions at every possible angle has lit the burner under the industry and top of the list for an overhaul, communications.

Built on Ericsson's successful 4G/5G radio and dual mode core technology, Ericsson Private 5G (EP5G) unlocks the potential that mining has been seeking to squeeze out of its operations. Providing a variety of use cases for both indoor and outdoor environments, by easily integrating with business operations, devices, and applications, a smart mine can dramatically improve efficiency and boost workplace health and safety, all while creating vast economic savings through sustainable practices.

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You can read about Ericsson's private 5G networks at Smart mines have a private 5G connection in the June 2, 2021, edition of Metal Tech News.

The solution is fundamentally transforming the mining industry by extending technological capabilities, with features such as wireless connectivity enabling the automation of ventilation systems, gas monitoring, real-time vehicle and personnel tracking, telemetry and remote control of production equipment.

With the advent of internet of things, autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance, and even smart tools and components, the list of industrial devices have ballooned so much that reliable and powerful networks are at the forefront of digitalizing mines.

"With deployments underway in several countries, Ericsson and Becker are working together to create data-driven mines around the world," said Thomas Noren, head of dedicated networks at Ericsson. "Wireless connectivity through EP5G creates smarter mines that take advantage of electrification, data and information analysis, machine automation and advanced operations that increase productivity, keep miners safe and cut their carbon footprint."

The agreement with Becker Mining Systems so far covers the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, France, Germany, and Poland. Furthermore, there are plans to expand the agreement to new countries in the future.

A rendering of mine tunnels using advanced software.


A "bird's eye" view of a mine landscape offers a solution for the industry to maximize efficiency and productivity. Powerful wireless networks will enable this possibility.

"Connected mine projects are the future of the mining industry by guaranteeing efficiency, greater profitability, safety for miners and less environmental impact, by automating mining companies they can increase their sustainability by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions," said Becker Mining Systems CEO Franz Becker. "This solution heralds in Industry 4.0 and will become a global benchmark for the mining industry."

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