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By Shane Lasley
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NASA is psyched about asteroid mission

Metal Tech News – November 9, 2022


Last updated 11/8/2022 at 3:13pm

Concept of NASA’s Psyche spacecraft approaching the metal-rich asteroid.

SSL/ASU/P. Rubin/NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA and JPL plan to launch the Psyche mission in October of 2023, which means the exploratory spacecraft would reach the metal-rich asteroid it was named after in 2029.

Psyche mission to $10 quintillion metal asteroid is slated for 2023.

NASA and the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are psyched about a recent decision to put their planned mission to a metal-rich asteroid beyond Mars back on the docket.

The space agency had originally planned to send a probe to 16 Psyche, a roughly 140-mile-wide asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, earlier...

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