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Milky Way lights up the night sky above a mining truck at a Chilean copper mine.

BHP, Microsoft partner on mining tech

Azure AI, machine learning and cloud tech unlock value at largest copper mine in the world. In a move toward the digital mines of the future, mining giant BHP has forged a partnership with computing giant... — Updated 6/6/2023

Closeup of columns filled with liquids needed to separate rare earth elements.

DOD invests in Ucore's rare earths tech

Pentagon invests $4M to test and boost readiness level of RapidSX separation tech. To help break America's dependence on China for the rare earth elements that go into modern military hardware, the U.S.... — Updated 6/6/2023

Fleet Space Technologies' cofounders standing with 100 employees.

Fleet Space Technologies doubles valuation

Fleet Space Technologies has just completed its third fundraising round (Series C), more than doubling the company's valuation to over A$350 million (US$228 million). This financial achievement is a... — Updated 6/9/2023

Closeup of a bundle of copper wire strands.

US lawmakers: Copper is critical, period

Arizona lawmaker defies USGS with bill that would elevate copper onto the list of minerals deemed critical to the US. Copper is critical – this is the message a group of Western lawmakers is sending to... — Updated 6/9/2023

Ford Lightning electric truck under bright lights for final inspection.

Ford strengthens battery partnerships

Ford Motor Company has stepped up critical metals acquisition, forging still more relationships with the likes of battery metal miners and developers and bringing the automotive manufacturer closer to its... — Updated 6/5/2023

Lithium-ion battery co-inventor Dr. Whittingham in 1979 and today.

ExxonMobil branches into lithium mining

In 2019, Exxon chemist Stanley Whittingham won the Nobel Prize for developing an early iteration of the lithium-ion battery while working at ExxonMobil's Clinton, New Jersey, corporate research lab back... — Updated 6/7/2023

The word recycle stamped in all capital letters on tarnished steel blocks.

First recycled metals market launched

In the next five years, the recycling industry is expected to repurpose an average of 400 million tons of scrap metal annually, growing at an unprecedented rate due to the spread of industrialization and... — Updated 6/8/2023

A shower of sparks arcs from molten steel being poured into an industrial vat.

ExxonMobil and Nucor join CCS agreement

ExxonMobil's latest carbon capture and storage (CCS) agreement is with one of North America's largest steel producers, Nucor Corp. North Carolina-based Nucor produces steel products that go into... — Updated 6/9/2023

A KAUST researcher displays first 2D microchip with multicolored surface.

World's first 2D microchip is a success

Marking the first of its kind and possibly the beginning of the next generation of computing, researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia have designed and... — Updated 6/6/2023

Colorful artistic rendering, reminiscent of Van Gough, of mining trucks.

Unlocking transparency with Onyen

Amidst the growing concern over climate change, companies find themselves navigating treacherous waters of reputation and finance. The lack of comprehensive climate-related information following the Task... — Updated 6/2/2023

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