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Metal Tech News is a weekly digital news publication that provides the most in-depth and knowledgeable insights into the mined materials needed for high-tech and green energy applications; along with the latest technologies being employed for the mining and exploration of those metals.

The weekly digital edition and Metal Tech News website keep readers up to date on cutting edge applications of metals to modern devices.

Together, these facets of Metal Tech News provide our global audience with an increased understanding of the importance of minerals and metals to a technological driven future on Planet Earth and spur imperative conversations on how we can more efficiently and sustainably obtain those materials.

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Unlocking the vast mineral potential across Alaska & Canada's North

Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and Nunavut are among the richest mineral provinces on Earth. In the Fraser Institute Survey of

Mining Companies, all five ranked in the Top 20 when it comes to mineral potential.

With the push to establish secure and reliable North American supplies of the minerals critical to electric vehicles, renewable energy, and high-tech devices, more than 60 companies are investing in unlocking the vast mineral potential of Alaska and Canada’s North.

Read by mining executives looking for opportunities; researched by investors and analysts; and referenced by government agencies, the annual Mining Explorers magazine is the go-to source for the most accurate and comprehensive insights into the opportunities and challenges facing the companies exploring a mineral-rich swath of Earth’s crust that spans 3,500 miles from Alaska to Nunavut.

Don’t miss the chance to put your company in front of the mining decision makers who read this popular and informative annual magazine that showcases the companies unlocking the vast and underexplored mineral potential across Alaska and Canada’s North.

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