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Metal Tech News is a weekly digital news publication that provides the most in-depth and knowledgeable insights into the mined materials needed for high-tech and green energy applications; along with the latest technologies being employed for the mining and exploration of those metals.

Together, these facets of Metal Tech News provide our global audience with an increased understanding of the importance of minerals to a tech-driven future and spur imperative conversations on how we can more efficiently and sustainably obtain those materials.

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Unlocking Critical Minerals for a Reenergized North American

From 5G networks and the smartphones that connect to them, to lithium batteries and the electric vehicles they power, advanced technology and low-carbon energy are demanding staggering quantities of critical minerals.

Industry, governments, investment firms, academia, and NGOs are forming alliances to create responsible and reliable supplies of critical mineral that will supply this enormous demand being powered by North America’s renewable energy, battery, and high-tech supply chains.

Critical Minerals Alliances is a unique magazine the delves into the markets driving critical mineral demand; US and Canadian projects poised to deliver these materials to North American markets; and the critical mineral alliances being forged along the supply chains.

Don’t miss your chance to be included in the 2024 edition of this special magazine brought to you by Data Mine North.

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