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 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
Photo of an EV chassis complete with battery pack and electric drive motors.

LG invests 5.5 billion to build batteries

Top electric vehicle battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution, which supplies Tesla and other automakers, announced on March 24 that it will invest approximately $5.5 billion in a complex in Queen Creek,... — Updated 3/30/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
Construction supervisors look at battery plant blueprints laid on hood of VW.

VW in bid to become global battery supplier

In spite of a robust collection of new hybrid and electric vehicle models coming out, Volkswagen's hottest project may not be a car. With batteries being the most expensive component in an EV, at roughly 4... — Updated 3/28/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes 
Fluffy ball like structure of MXenes made by UChicago researchers.

UChicago discovers efficient MXene recipe

Researchers from the University of Chicago have discovered the secret recipe for creating MXene. Much like a croissant with its individual layers painstakingly kneaded twixt generous amounts of butter,... — Updated 3/28/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
A researcher at U of T studying metal 3D printers.

Scientists seek AI-driven metal 3D printing

U of T researchers begin to compile database for self-printing additive manufacturing. Tapping into the unlimited potential of additive manufacturing, University of Toronto researchers are reevaluating... — Updated 3/28/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
A large canvas sack filled with lumps of recycled batteries or black mass.

Electra recycles lithium from spent batteries

Marking a significant milestone in its role as a leading electric vehicle battery recycler, Electra Battery Materials Corp. announced the successful recovery of technical-grade lithium carbonate from a... — Updated 3/28/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
3D rendering of bumpy graphene with hydrogen molecules at the peaks.

Graphene exhibits catalytic properties

Pinning yet another magical property on the coat of the wonder material known as graphene begs the question – is there anything that graphene can't do? A team of researchers from the National Graphene... — Updated 3/28/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
A rendering of copper nanoparticles transforming into nanograins.

Berkeley films first nano motion picture

Exploring the mysteries of copper, researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have discovered yet another use for this "new oil" of the clean energy future – converting carbon dioxide and... — Updated 3/21/2023

Artistic concept of battery storing wind and solar-generated electricity.

US green energy storage hits headwinds

Supply constraints slow installations; WoodMac expects li-ion batteries to dominate energy storage in US over next five years. The transition to clean electricity generated from intermittent sources such a... — Updated 3/21/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
3D rendering of Volkswagen’s future Salzgitter gigafactory.

Ontario new home to VW gigafactory

Setting up in one of North America's fastest-growing lithium-ion battery development zones, Volkswagen Group has foreseen the potential and has opted to build its next gigafactory outside of Europe in the... — Updated 3/21/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
Graphic depicting transition metal chalcogenide nanofibers at the atomic level.

Metallic nanowire breakthrough from Tokyo

In recent years a great deal of research has gone into creating revolutionary nanomaterials capable of self-assembling into a wide range of dimensional structures at an atomic level. Transition metal... — Updated 3/14/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Remote operator monitoring underground semi-autonomous heavy equipment.

Rajant, Sandvik mesh digital mining tech

Robust wireless network paired with autonomous mining equipment at diamond mine. Taking one step closer to the autonomous mine of the future, Rajant Corp.'s formidable Kinetic Mesh wireless network has... — Updated 3/8/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Geomega technicians monitoring ISR recovery process.

Federal funds for Geomega REE recycling

With another C$3 million in funding, but this time from the Government of Canada's Critical Minerals Research, Development and Demonstration program, Geomega Resources Inc. is well-financed to continue... — Updated 3/8/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
Perovskite solar panels with cutouts showing layers of materials in the cells.

Next-gen solar material breakthrough

Over the last two decades, perovskite crystal lattices have been held as extremely promising materials in photovoltaic and light-emitting devices. This family of minerals exhibits unique electrical... — Updated 2/28/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
The metal framing of one of Electra's battery materials refineries.

Electra makes first battery recycling move

Becoming the frontrunner of battery recyclers, Electra Battery Materials Corp. announced that it has successfully completed the first plant-scale recycling of black mass material in North America,... — Updated 2/21/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Downtown Denver features tons of buildings with most surface area being windows.

Windows get PV treatment to save energy

Aiming to improve energy efficiency to any degree, the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory has found that perovskite materials – the very same active component that has been... — Updated 2/17/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Buildings account for roughly 30 to 40% of global energy consumption.

New material like a jacket for buildings

While air conditioning was a marvel of its time, concerns over the Earth's climate has led to the pursuit of more efficient energy consumption and management. Now, researchers at the University of... — Updated 2/14/2023

A pumpjack pumps oil from a well in an American Southwest desert.

Critical minerals from fossil fuel waste

DOE funds R&D for recovering critical metals while creating clean water from fossil fuel waste. The Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management is providing $17.5 million in... — Updated 2/10/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Mask developed with Zentek's ZenGUARD graphene coating to protect against COVID.

ZenGUARD-treated filters surpass air tests

With the final report for its Phase 2 testing of ZenGUARD for use in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filtration from the National Research Council of Canada, Zentek Ltd. is priming itself to... — Updated 2/7/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Authors of the paper detailing the discovery of solid state battery failure.

Solid-state battery problem discovered

In the pursuit of improving portable power, new lithium metal batteries with solid electrolytes tick off every box in next-gen battery technology – lightweight, higher capacity, faster charging, and... — Updated 2/7/2023 Full story

Rending of the completed Tesla Gigafactory Nevada in the desert near Sparks.

Giga-expansion of Gigafactory Nevada

Tesla's 140 GWh plant will produce batteries for 1.5M EVs per year; need globally significant mineral supplies. Tesla Inc. set the standard for giga-scale lithium-ion battery manufacturing with the startup... — Updated 2/7/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Three Geomega technicians observe REE separation equipment.

More funding for Geomega recycling tech

Developer of clean technologies for the mining, refining, and recycling of rare earths and other critical materials, Geomega Resources Inc. announced it has been awarded a C$3 million grant from the Techno... — Updated 2/7/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
The front of BMW's next-generation of EVs or NEUE KLASSE.

BMW committed to solid-state batteries

Deepens alliance with Solid Power to commercialize next-gen cell tech. Under an expanded joint development agreement, BMW Group and Solid Power have added a research and development license as a basis for... — Updated 2/2/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Lasers shooting into space at the Very Large Telescope in Antofagasta, Chile.

Researchers make first macro tractor beam

Chinese scientists' success crosses threshold that has opened way for grabbing tech. Despite their influence on science fiction and even the occasional conspiracy theory, tractor beams, in reality, have no... — Updated 1/25/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
A battery pouch made from lithium-sulfide solid-state chemistries.

Solid Power awarded $5.6M DOE funding

Seeking to achieve the next echelon of battery, Solid Power announced it has been awarded US$5.6 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to continue developing its ground-breaking... — Updated 1/24/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Graphic of MIT's seed pocket technology on silicon wafers for 2D materials.

2D materials shift Moore's Law paradigm

Struggling to overcome the inevitable shortcomings of miniaturizing digital technologies due to the inherent limits of silicon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have potentially... — Updated 1/24/2023


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