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Magnetically upgrading Lac Doré vanadium

Magnetite concentrate grades in lower zones top 1.5% V2O5 Metal Tech News Weekly Edition - August 12, 2020


Last updated 8/19/2020 at 3:58am

vanadiferous titanomagnetite mineralization drill core Lac Dore Quebec

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.

Composite samples of drill core were used to carry out Davis Tube magnetic separation testing on the vanadium enriched magnetite mineralization encountered at Lac Doré.

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. Aug. 11 reported the final results from magnetic separation tests carried out on composite core samples from the 2019 drill program at the company's Lac Doré vanadium project in Quebec, Canada.

Situated about 17 miles (27 kilometers) southeast of the mining town of Chibougamau, Lac Doré lies in a particularly vanadium-rich area of Quebec that is host to BlackRock Mining Inc.'s adjacent Blackrock property; and Vanadium One Iron Corp.'s Mont Sorcier project to the north.

Vanadium-bearing magnetite was discovered at Lac Doré more than 60 years ago. Drilling and surface sampling from 1958 and 2013 have identified a 2,000- by 200-meter corridor of vanadium-titanium-magnetite, or vanadiferous titanomagnetite, mineralization.

Looking to establish a resource that meets today's reporting standards, VanadiumCorp drilled 37 holes at Lac Doré last year.

Highlights from the 2019 drilling include:

75.1 meters averaging 56.6% iron, 11.7% titanium, and 0.66% vanadium in hole LD-19-009.

32.7 meters averaging 51.8% iron, 11.2% titanium, and 0.73% vanadium in hole LD-19-013.

48.7 meters averaging 56.4% iron, 11.5% titanium, and 0.69% vanadium in hole LD-19-025.

83.6 meters averaging 53.6% iron, 11.4% titanium, and 0.61% vanadium in hole LD-19-026.

68.9 meters averaging 56.6% iron, 11.7% titanium, and 0.67% vanadium in hole LD-19-029.

77.4 meters averaging 56.5% iron, 12% titanium, and 0.65% vanadium in hole LD-19-027.

The zones of vanadium-bearing magnetite tapped with this drilling can be separated from the rest of the material with simple magnetic separation, which will improve the grades for further processing.

To determine the vanadium grades of the magnetically separated materials at Lac Doré, VanadiumCorp had Davis Tube magnetic separation tests carried out on 53 composite samples of vanadiferous titanomagnetite mineralization taken from 21 drill holes.

Magnetite concentrates extracted from the composite samples returned grades ranging from 0.79% to 1.68% vanadium.

Consistent with previous Davis Tube testing, the latest results show that lower stratigraphic units have elevated vanadium in the magnetite concentrate, typically greater than 1.5% vanadium, whereas the upper unit typically runs less than 1% vanadium.

"We're pleased to announce these final Davis Tube test results from our 2019-2020 program at the Lac Doré Main vanadium prospect, which continue to show consistent VTM-bearing zones where magnetite concentrate grades exceed 1.5% V2O5 (vanadium pentoxide) over a minimum true thickness of 3.4 meters," said VanadiumCorp Resource President and CEO Adriaan Bakker. "We look forward to completing the maiden mineral resource estimate for the project in the coming months, which is the next important milestone in the development of this exciting vanadium opportunity."

VanadiumCorp Lac Dore vanadium titanium exploration map Quebec

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.

Advancing Lac Doré is part of VanadiumCorp's larger strategy to establish a complete vanadium-based energy storage supply chain in North America. This includes pioneering a sustainable and efficient technique for recovering the vanadium, iron, and titanium from vanadiferous titanomagnetite; and developing its own brand of vanadium redox flow batteries, which are particularly well suited for large scale backup and renewable energy storage.

More information on the progress of VanadiumCorp's developments along the vanadium supply chain can be read at The vanadium mines to batteries strategy in the June 17 edition of Metal Tech News.

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