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By Shane Lasley
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Jaguar Mining impressed with DRIVER AI

Commits to long-term use of mineral exploration SaaS product Metal Tech News - March 2, 2022


Last updated 3/15/2022 at 2:15pm

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Jaguar Mining has signed a recurring annual license agreement for Minerva Intelligence's AI-powered DRIVER mineral exploration software-as-a-service product.

Looking to increase the speed and accuracy of establishing drill targets on its gold properties in Brazil, Jaguar Mining Inc. has signed a license for long-term use of Minerva Intelligence Inc.'s DRIVER, a proprietary artificial intelligence-driven product developed to allow mining companies to better understand and evaluate drill data to pinpoint superior targets, geometallurgical domains, and more through 3D modeling.

"Jaguar is committed to embracing new technologies to enhance our workflow, and we have been very impressed by Minerva's DRIVER software," said Jaguar Mining Vice President of Exploration Jon Hill. "The autonomous geological modelling technologies offered by DRIVER are game-changing for many aspects of the mining value chain."

By combining the capacity offered by cloud processing with Minerva's proprietary machine learning technology, DRIVER is able to automatically evaluate the spatial continuity present in geological numeric data.

With this computing power, DRIVER creates 3D models of all aspects of the dataset in a matter of minutes, and identifies and catalogs the important zones of interest.

Jaguar's exploration teams have found these insights incredibly valuable.

"In DRIVER, we can produce 3D model realisations of all aspects of our drilling datasets in virtual real-time, bringing us unheard-of benefits for dynamic drill targeting and comprehensive geological deposit understanding," said Hill. "DRIVER is helping our geologists identify important geochemical zones in 3D, and then interactively test the relationships between those zones to help guide our decisions in the field."

After being successfully used for several consulting jobs, DRIVER is a highly scalable, cloud-enabled software-as-a-service product available for licensing on an annual basis.

Jaguar is the first mineral exploration company to commit to integrating DRIVER into its long-term exploration strategy by signing a recurring annual license for the AI-powered mineral exploration assistant.

"We'll be using DRIVER for all of our upcoming projects, to model everything from multi-element geochemistry, geotechnical information, and material properties," said Hill. "Basically, all of our drilling data is going to feed into DRIVER, and we're excited to see the insights for exploration, geometallurgy and ESG reporting."

While Jaguar is the first to sign a recurring annual license, Minerva said that its machine learning-driven mineral exploration products are gaining wider use as more companies become familiar with its abilities.

"We are anticipating and seeing strong demand for DRIVER: in addition to our first annual licensed sale, we have converted two additional clients to our annual licensed DRIVER and have multiple proof-of-concept projects in the works that we expect to turn into licensed sales, and expect record sales for 2022," said Tillman.

"Jaguar's embrace of our DRIVER software is a major milestone and testament to the team at Minerva; all the hard work and dedication over the years is finally commercially being recognized," he added.

DRIVER is the centerpiece of a suite of interrelated AI-driven services to help organize, predict, and generate exploration targets. The other services in the TERRA Mining AI suite are:

LEO – A document management system for organizing and searching for specific data. The LEO AI software uses controlled vocabularies to automatically index geo-locations and tag files, making document management and searching more efficient.

TARGET – A cognitive AI system that produces explainable exploration targets by mimicking the traditional process of geological data evaluation. Data fed into TARGET is aligned with geological rules and is compared to dozens of expert-based mineral deposit models.

mineral exploration software-as-a-service TARGET SOLACE machine learning

Minerva Intelligence Inc.

SOLACE – A consultation and software service that unites data from multiple projects under a single, auditable standard. As project data is often arrayed in databases that are not interoperable, SOLACE restructures vocabularies to fix typos, alternative labels, and legacy codes.

Each of these products in Minerva's TERRA Mining AI suite can be utilized on its own or in tandem to streamline, standardize, manage, and use the massive amounts of data generated at any given mineral exploration project.

For geologists, this means less time searching for and organizing data and more time seeking new discoveries or investigating core from DRIVER targeted drilling.

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