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By Shane Lasley
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Jaguar Mining adopts Exyn drone tech

Metal Tech News - May 1, 2023


Last updated 5/2/2023 at 3pm

Lit up by a drone pilot’s headlamp, ExynAero casts a shadow on the mine wall.

Exyn Technologies Inc.

The ability of Exyn autonomous drones to safely and rapidly navigate and map areas beyond the range of GPS has proven to be exceedingly useful for mapping in underground mines.

ExynAero drone improves safety and efficiency at underground gold mines in Brazil.

Toward its commitment to embracing new mining technologies that increase safety and efficiency, Jaguar Mining Inc. has adopted Exyn Technologies Inc.'s autonomous drones to capture critical data at its underground gold mines in Brazil.

"We are thrilled to deliver innovations that help reduce risk to humans and increase efficiency and productivity in mining operations," said Exyn Technologies Vice President of Commercial Sales and Business Development Raffi Jabrayan.

Jaguar was first introduced to Exyn's underground aerial robots by NSS Canada, an innovation-focused mining services supplier.

Earlier this year, NSS successfully implemented the Miner Operated Survey System (MOSS) to provide miners, engineers, and geologists with real-time data to improve underground mining at Jaguar's Pilar and Turmalina operations.

"NSS Canada is proud to provide innovative solutions to help underground mines like Jaguar Mining Inc. safeguard employees while optimizing efficiency," said NSS Canada President Bruno Lalonde.

As a primary distributor of Exyn's technologies, NSS also introduced Jaguar to ExynAero, a fully autonomous drone for mapping underground mines and other complex and GPS-denied environments.

More information on the collaboration between Exyn and NSS can be read at Exyn Technologies, NSS team up in Canada in the June 30, 2021 edition of Metal Tech News.

ExynAero were the world's first aerial robots to achieve Level 4 autonomy, which means these drones are able to carry out their preprogrammed mission by determining their own points of interest without further human input; sense and navigate obstacles with onboard sensors to detect the environment in 3D, allowing underground exploration without GPS; and collect the data they were programmed to retrieve.

This ability to safely and rapidly navigate and map areas beyond the range of GPS has proven to be exceedingly useful for capturing data that helps streamline planning and workflows in geographically complex underground mines.

Exyn View tablet shows an underground mine cavity mapped by an ExynAero drone.

Exyn Technologies Inc.

Exyn's industrial-grade autonomous robots easily navigate and map complex underground mining environments, using onboard sensors and AI to accomplish the mission.

"Our technology can do in a few minutes what traditionally took hours, with countless risks to surveyors working in potentially dangerous environments," said Jabrayan.

After a successful demonstration at its Caeté mining complex in Brazil – which includes the Pilar and Roça Grande underground gold mines – Jaguar decided to purchase an ExynAero as an autonomous cavity monitoring solution for its underground mining operations.

"The introduction of Exyn autonomous technologies at Jaguar Mining is another step towards our commitment to quality, by increasing safety, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness in our underground operations," said Jaguar Mining Vice President of Operations Eric Duarte.

Exyn says Jaguar's adoption of ExynAero further supports its mission to facilitate safer and more efficient mining.

Those attending the CIM 2023 mining trade show this week in Montreal can interface firsthand with Exyn Technologies' ExynAero and the handheld ExynPak at booth 1126.

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