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A Metallica catalyst for Iveco fuel cells

Metal Tech News - March 13, 2024

Iconic heavy metal band will use electric trucks produced by Italian automaker on European leg of 2024 tour.

In what may be the perfect metaphor for the heavy metal needed as a catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells, Italian automaker Iveco is providing electric and natural gas trucks and busses to transport crew and gear during the European leg of Metallica's M72 World Tour.

Representing the environmental and social values embraced by both the legendary heavy metal rock band and automaker, the natural gas and electric Iveco vehicles will help lower the emissions of Metallica's summer tour of Europe that kicks off in April.

"The future begins right now, and we are excited to drive the road of change with Iveco right by our side," said Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich.

Emblazoned with Metallica's iconic logo and graphics inspired by the band's 72 Season album, Iveco's S-eWay and S-Way heavy-duty trucks will transport Metallica's gear to concert locales across Europe. The Italian automaker's Daily electric and natural gas minibusses will help shuttle the crew.

"We are very happy to go 'down the highway' with this amazing band and crew onboard our alternative propulsion vehicles, driven by our shared vocation for supporting sustainable communities and pushing the boundaries for a better world," said Luca Sra, president of Iveco's truck business unit.

Iveco's journey down the highway to net-zero CO2 emission by 2040 is being powered in large part by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

One of the heaviest metals on Earth, platinum, serves as the catalyst that transforms hydrogen and oxygen into heat and electricity. The platinum catalysts split hydrogen fed through one side of the fuel cell into protons and electrons. Oxygen supplied through air introduced to the other side is split into ions. The hydrogen-created electrons generate electricity, and the protons pass through a membrane separating the two sides and connect with the oxygen ions to produce the water exhaust.

OKemppainen –

Metaphors can be found throughout the more than 150 songs produced by Metallica over the past four decades.

It is a metaphor reminiscent of those embedded in Metallica lyrics that one of the world's most iconic heavy metal bands is catalyzing Iveco's transition to hydrogen fuel cells and other green technologies.

This allegory, however, was likely not the intention of either Metallica or Iveco. Instead, the shared values and commitments to the community were the primary catalysts for the electric partnership between the heavy metal band and Italian automaker.

"We immediately knew that Metallica's goals aligned with Iveco's and realized the huge potential of driving the reduction of CO2 emissions in heavy duty transport vehicles," said Ulrich. "Both Iveco and Metallica share the same values – originality, innovation, driving change, being trustworthy, reliable, and also giving back."

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