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 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech 
Three battery-electric heavy equipment vehicles by Epiroc.

Epiroc seeks to elevate mining autonomy

Collabs with academia, tech firm, with funding from government for future safe, smart vehicles. With 150 years of experience in all things mining, Sweden-based Epiroc has unveiled its next generation in... — Updated 9/22/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals 
A sunny day over Glencore’s Portovesme metallurgical complex.

Italy's Li-Cycle recycling hub is on track

After announcing its plans for a recycling hub in Portovesme, Italy, through a partnership with Glencore, Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. has followed up with the steps needed to begin establishing a centralized... — Updated 9/22/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
The tan-colored MOXIE cube being placed into Perseverance.

Mars MOXIE makes oxygen out of thin air

First-ever space habitat tech, experiment gives more than researchers expected. Not too dissimilar from Man's first Moon landing with a computer that by today's standards TI-83 calculators could... — Updated 9/19/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech
An ExynAero drone on a landing pad underground.

Exyn strengthens strategic partnerships

Further solidifying its leadership in the world of multi-platform robotic autonomy for complex and GPS-denied environments, Exyn Technologies Inc. has secured funding that strengthens the autonomous roboti... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
A 3D rendering of a future Redwood Materials facility.

Strong Redwood attracts $1B investment

From a small sprout to a mighty tree, Redwood Materials Inc. may share its roots with the Tree of Tesla but has grown into a pillar of stability in the realm of recycling amidst a time when electric... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes 
A lump of lithium-ion battery scrap to be processed by BASF and TODA.

ABTC joins BASF closed-loop battery team

With significant funding from the Department of Energy toward its Tonopah Flats lithium project, visits from representatives from the White House, and a partnership with TechMet-Mercuria, American Battery... — Updated 9/19/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
Two GMG researchers examining graphene for its graphene batteries.

GMG produces first prototype G-Al pouch

Exploring an alternate battery technology that would lessen the demand for lithium and, in turn, help enable the transition to clean renewable energy, Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. announced the succes... — Updated 9/18/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
ABTC employee inspecting its lithium hydroxide product.

ABTC's Tonopah Flats gets more DOE funds

Building upon its foundation as a domestic supplier of critical battery materials, American Battery Technology Company has been awarded a second US$57 million from the U.S. Department of Energy for its... — Updated 9/18/2023 Full story

Rows of solar panels at the Natural Bridges National Monument.

Aluminum caught in green energy paradox

Aluminum has been classified as critical by the United States, European Union, Canada, and even China. At first glance, one may wonder how such a ubiquitous metal could possibly be critical. The answer is... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

A white-gloved hand holding uranium fuel pellets.

Semantics strays uranium energy criticality

Powering nearly 10% of the world's energy needs and roughly 20% of America for over 50 years, nuclear energy is a highly controversial power provider that ticks all the boxes for zero-emission... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

Hands holding a heap of coal ash with potential critical minerals.

An unconventional critical minerals push

As the cracks in the wall continue to chill the bones of an ill-prepared American clean-energy economy, attention has been paid to nearly every facet imaginable to obtain the minerals critical to fuel a... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

A splattered mound of finely powdered recycled battery.

Battery metals require responsible recyclers

Separating your plastics, paper, metals, and food waste has generally been a personal choice throughout most of modern recycling history. However, current demand for resources predicts we won't have enough... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

A small dish filled with pinkish-red cobalt sulfate crystals.

Oncoming cobalt surplus may ravage prices

Still overshadowed by lithium but no less significant, cobalt falls within a unique category as a critical mineral not only for its properties but also for its controversial supply. As a fundamental... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Artist rendering of future Missouri Protoplex.

Missouri S&T takes charge of supply chain

Show-Me State now shows US; developing hub for innovation, education to support holistic manufacturing. Due to ongoing difficulties in the supply chain, Kummer Institute's Center for Advanced... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
A massive row of hundreds of CdTe thin-film solar panels by First Solar.

Upgrading First Solar with quantum dots

Joint development agreement for research into quantum dots for solar modules. Looking to evolve its already impressive proprietary cadmium-telluride thin-film solar technology, First Solar Inc. has... — Updated 8/31/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
TechMet headquarters out of Dublin, Ireland.

Techmet raises $200M for tech metals

Helping to spur the production of critical minerals around the world, TechMet Ltd. announced the closing of its latest $200 million in equity funding to further invigorate its incredible lineup of technolo... — Updated 8/29/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
Rare Earth Salts 50,000-square-foot headquarters in Nebraska.

America's heartland supplies domestic REEs

With the technology and facilities already in place, Rare Earth Salts Separations and Refining LLC has stepped up to bat for the first fully domestic U.S. supply of critical rare earth elements by... — Updated 8/29/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Graphene Manufacturing Group staff pose for successful 1,000-liter production.

Australia cools down with graphene paint

Beginning to see some of the innovative ways that graphene can be used in everyday consumer technologies, Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd. has brought its specially reduced-methane graphene to supplement... — Updated 8/29/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
A splattered mound of finely ground recycled battery.

White House reps visit ABTC facility

Shining a spotlight on a provider of the metals needed for the lithium batteries powering America's clean energy technologies, American Battery Technology Company announced a visit from representatives... — Updated 8/23/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
Region of Becancour, Quebec, that will become Lithium Battery Valley.

Ford joins Quebec Lithium Battery Valley

Collaborative investment of C$1.2 billion into future battery cathode facility. Coming out of the region that will hold one of the more prominent footholds for battery-related industries, Ford Motor... — Updated 8/22/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
ABTC employee inspecting recycled battery powders.

ABTC, TechMet-Mercuria forge partnership

To further leverage its lithium-ion battery recycling expertise, American Battery Technology Company has entered into a strategic partnership with technology metals managing platform TechMet-Mercuria,... — Updated 8/22/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Dozens of solar panels lined out in a snowy field.

Sunshine to power Diavik's sunset years

Rio Tinto to build largest solar plant in Canada's North at diamond mine. Signaling its commitment to clean renewable energy, mining powerhouse Rio Tinto announced its intention to construct the largest so... — Updated 8/22/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
Rendering of molecules floating in outer space.

Graphene is abundant and useful in space

Long put forward as a wonder material, graphene undeniably has astounding properties – stronger than steel, a better electrical conductor than copper, and lighter than almost anything else with similar... — Updated 8/16/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Bytes
A rendering of layered molecules absorbing a ray of light.

Near-perfect light absorption by UMN team

Utilizing the bizarre capabilities of two-dimensional materials, researchers from the University of Minnesota, for the first time, have engineered an atomically thin material made from layers of... — Updated 8/16/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech
A mining haul truck used to carry thousands of tons a day.

Mines researcher champions clean mining

Seeking ways to mitigate and reduce carbon emissions, a doctoral postgraduate of mining engineering and management from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology has taken it upon herself to explore a ne... — Updated 8/9/2023 Full story


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