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 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
African woman mine worker wearing a hard hat smiles as she takes a rest.

Solving the mining industry's PR problem

A mining company can never fully integrate a culture of sustainability motivated by compliance alone –satisfying laws, norms, and investors rather than taking risks and creating lasting, generational val... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech 
View over water storage tank toward the desert mining town of Superior, Ariz.

US mining impacted by water shortages

Mining – especially regarding copper, lithium, and other critical minerals – is one of the most water-intensive industries, and the sector is facing increased operational risks, including community... — Updated 9/19/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
A hand holding the graphics of ESG and its various positive influences.

Blockchain, ESG, and mining standards

U.S. supply chains for critical minerals in energy, automotive, aeronautic and defense markets are up against the challenge of establishing credible "green credentials" amidst sweeping company promises,... — Updated 9/18/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech 
Researcher inspects strings wicking lithium and salts from a beaker of brine.

Lithium string theory is elegant solution

May be the tech for unifying green energy future and the not-so-often green methods of producing lithium. Researchers at Princeton have developed a surprisingly efficient and environmentally friendly... — Updated 9/18/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Artist’s concept of 16 Psyche and the craft being sent to explore.

Countdown to Psyche mission launch

At T-minus 25 days until the launch of the Psyche, the technicians behind this first mission to a metal-rich asteroid beyond the orbit of Mars can barely contain their excitement. "It's getting... — Updated 9/12/2023 Full story

Green northern lights above a nickel mine during a winter night in Canada.

Nickel's evolving role in clean energy

While lithium has been the poster child for optimism and controversy in equal measure, nickel has its own crucial role to play in the batteries powering the clean energy future – increasing range and... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

Blue-colored lithium brine fills square holes cut into white salt flats.

The 'white gold' rush for lithium

Lithium is an indispensable element in the clean energy transition for several key reasons; like all alkaline metals on the periodic table, it has one more electron than it strictly needs, and this... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

Computer-generated image of a solid-state battery on a circuit board.

Solving solid-state batteries

While most leaders in the clean energy sector strongly indicate the concept of solid-state batteries is better, a few hurdles have long held this superior rechargeable battery in the realm of pacemakers... — Updated 9/11/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Two suited crew members collect rock samples from the moon’s surface.

Mining and manufacturing on the Moon

NASA has selected the geology team for the Artemis III moon flight, the first crewed lunar landing mission since the Apollo missions over 50 years ago. The astrogeology team will help plan geological... — Updated 9/6/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Rendering of crew looking on at futuristic undersea nodule collectors.

The lawless frontier of deep-sea mining

Deep-sea battery metals mining has created an ocean-sized rift between those that want to speed regulations, slow the process, to save the planet. Loose legislation and tight deadlines have created a... — Updated 8/29/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
A freshly paved road cuts between mostly empty brick buildings in Virginia.

Critical minerals from Appalachian coal

U.S. policymakers have become increasingly concerned about overreliance on China for the minerals and metals essential to clean energy technologies. Today China controls roughly one-third of the global mar... — Updated 8/23/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Young female worker with hard hat and PPE in a warehouse setting.

U.S. critical minerals workforce needed

Alongside critical minerals demand, there's another shortage in the U.S. that has the mining industry just as worried – fresh faces in the labor pool. The global economy is in the midst of a... — Updated 8/22/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
A series of square brine-filled holes in the Salinas Grandes salt flats.

Is a lithium triangle alliance coming?

Latin American countries collectively hold over 50% of the world's identified raw lithium. These resource-rich nations have begun asserting that they will no longer accept extractive international trade re... — Updated 8/17/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
Mary Freeman holding a green tourmaline crystal in an underground cavern.

Maine couple discovers lithium motherlode

Five years ago, Maine native Mary Freeman and her husband Gary went gem-hunting for tourmaline on their property in the woods of Plumbago Mountain. Instead of the popular semiprecious stone they were seeki... — Updated 8/8/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
Photos of folded liquid metal-coated paper in various states of expansion.

Liquid metal for flexible smart materials

Flexible technologies are emerging, from foldable smartphones to freeform public information displays, and Chinese researchers have made a discovery that could elevate this technology to the next level.... — Updated 7/26/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
A hand holds a lithium battery cell with an Australia flag emblem on its side.

Australia to break China's lithium grip

Leading the lithium rush, the Pilgangoora project in Western Australia's mine-friendly and resource-rich Pilbara region is sporting one of the largest hard rock lithium deposits in the world. Nearly all... — Updated 7/25/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Tall industrial smoke stacks create a cloud of emissions at sunset.

Cheaper, safer industrial carbon capture

College of Science researchers at Oregon State University have demonstrated an improved carbon capture method using an inexpensive nanomaterial made from aluminum to scrub carbon dioxide from industrial... — Updated 7/25/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
Close-up of a red 2023 Prius XLE hybrid car on a country highway.

Has Toyota solved solid-state batteries?

Toyota's track record of conservative interest in an otherwise fervent competition over electric vehicle battery engineering has just turned 180 degrees with the company's shocking revelation of a... — Updated 7/25/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
Satellite picture of unique geography of Railroad Valley in Nevada.

NASA throws down against NV lithium mine

Mining companies that hope to draw lithium-rich brines from Railroad Valley in the Nevada desert have come up against heated resistance from environmentalists, local ranchers and tribal leaders for years.... — Updated 7/18/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Male and female industrial employees working on a jobsite.

Mining industry short on tech skills

The world's leading mining companies have a big problem – with the industry being transformed by a mad rush to acquire raw materials supporting the worldwide energy transition, and mining companies'... — Updated 7/4/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
Artist depiction of the BlueOval City EV battery, recycling, and assembly plant.

Historic $9 billion DOE loan to BlueOval

Loan will support the building of 3 Ford-SK battery plants in Kentucky and Tennessee. In another sweeping step in support of the transportation industry's e-mobility transition and domestic infrastructure... — Updated 7/4/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
Hot-rolled nano neo processed rare earth permanent magnets.

Heat-resistant neo magnet breakthrough

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy's Critical Materials Institute, led by Ames National Laboratory, have developed a "Hot-roll Nano Neo Magnet" method for manufacturing high-performance... — Updated 7/3/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Bytes
The word recycle stamped in all capital letters on tarnished steel blocks.

First recycled metals market launched

In the next five years, the recycling industry is expected to repurpose an average of 400 million tons of scrap metal annually, growing at an unprecedented rate due to the spread of industrialization and... — Updated 6/20/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Enormous rolls of stainless steel produced by ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal, GM recycled steel deal

ArcelorMittal North America will supply General Motors with XCarb, a recycled and renewably produced (RRP) steel product that is taking the two industry giants a step closer to carbon neutrality. "This... — Updated 6/20/2023

 By K. Warner    Tech Metals
Piles of white lithium reflect off the water at mining operation in Argentina.

Automakers develop own supply lines

Back in 1908, when Ford Motor Company first started cranking out the Model T, the innovative automaker championed new materials, new engineering designs, and new manufacturing practices. More than a... — Updated 6/20/2023


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