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Exyn bestowed mine robotics award

Autonomous mine drone expertise recognized with RBR50 Metal Tech News Weekly Edition – June 17, 2020

Autonomous drone pioneer, Exyn Technologies has been bestowed the RBR50 Robotics Innovation in Mining award.

Presented annually by Robotics Business Review, the RBR50 Innovation Award recognizes and celebrates forward thinking companies and the original, impactful solutions they have created.

Since its inception in 2012, this prestigious award has become widely recognized as the premier listing of the world's most successful and innovative robotics companies.

As of 2020, Robotics Business Review has broadened the RBR50 categories for potential awardees to celebrate robotics innovations in a wider range of forms, which now include:

Business and Management Innovation – Initiatives or practices that enhances a company's commercial standing, fosters robotics sector growth or improves society

Technology, Products and Services Innovation – New commercial solutions that have the potential to positively impact markets or the robotics sector as a whole

Application and Market Innovation – Sector specific, newly developed applications that deliver value, provide entry to new markets or improve performance over existing approaches

Exyn Technologies, a company Metal Tech News has previously highlighted for its autonomous drone technology in mining, has joined some prolific names in the technology world as a laureate of this prestigious award.

Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA and even Boston Dynamics, to name of few, are some of the recipients of this year's RBR50 selectees for their contributions and innovations.

Exyn's Advanced Autonomous Aerial Robot, or A3R, is a fully autonomous aerial system for data collection in GPS-denied environments, which includes mapping and inspection of underground mines.

The exynAI software allows the drones to navigate autonomously and reliably without prior information, persistent communication, or infrastructure of any kind.

The drones produce richly detailed 3D maps using lidar which can even work collectively as a swarm with other A3Rs.

In February 2019, Exyn announced the commercial availability of the A3R and has begun using this technology as a service for customers in many places all around the world.

With continued successes such as this, Exyn has set a firm foundation for the breakthrough industry of heavy-duty drones.

More information on Exyn Technologies can be read at Autonomous drone maps Finland gold mine in the May 27 edition of Metal Tech News.


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