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GoldSpot AI turns up Cassiar gold targets

Margaux geos find new vein while exploring priority AI area Metal Tech News – August 19, 2020

GoldSpot Discoveries Corp. Aug. 18 reported that its collaboration with Margaux Resources Ltd. has turned up new gold targets on the Cassiar Gold project in northwestern British Columbia.

In May, the two companies announced that GoldSpot would be applying its proprietary machine learning techniques to analyze the extensive geological data that has been generated from decades of exploration and production at Cassiar.

Working alongside Margaux' technical team, GoldSpot has integrated and reinterpreted an array of geochemical, geophysical, and geological datasets to provide a cohesive and uniform geoscientific interpretation of Cassiar.

So far, this work has generated high quality drill targets in and around Taurus, a bulk-tonnage deposit that currently hosts 21.8 million metric tons of inferred resource averaging 1.43 grams per metric ton (1 million ounces) gold.

These targets were evaluated and underpinned by new understanding gained from GoldSpot Discoveries Chief Geologist Lindsay Hall during her July visit to Cassiar.

"I am very struck by the incredible upside potential of this historically proven gold-rich property," she said.

During an investigation of a high-priority area identified by GoldSpot, Margaux' field team uncovered a mineralized quartz vein about 2,000 meters from the Taurus deposit.

This and other high priority targets around Taurus are expected to be the primary focus of a 5,000-meter drill program that got underway earlier this month.

"Our team has worked hard to advance the Cassiar project on the technical front in preparation for drilling, and we look forward to delivering a safe and successful program," said Margaux Resources Vice President of Exploration Kaesy Gladwin.

In addition to the area around Taurus, GoldSpot has identified several exciting exploration and conceptual targets across the northern portion of Margaux's 138,400-acre claim package in the Golden Triangle, a mineral-rich area of northwestern BC.

This is at the opposite end of the property from Table Mountain, a high-grade vein occurrence at the southern end of the property that hosts 21,470 metric tons of historical indicated resource averaging 18.02 g/t (13,650 oz) gold and 65,750 metric tons of inferred resource averaging 24.3 g/t (56,360 oz) gold.

"Each day on-site I was introduced to another highly prospective area," Hall said of her on-site investigation of Cassiar.

More information on the use of machine learning for mineral exploration can be read at Mining exploration becomes smarter with AI in the Jan. 22 edition of Metal Tech News.

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