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GC USA to upgrade boots for U.S. troops

Metal Tech News - July 10, 2024

Partners with HEROES and UMass Lowell to develop advanced, American-made military boots using cutting-edge graphene and aerogel technology.

Taking a bold step in military innovation, GC Associates USA has partnered with DEVCOM Soldier Center and UMass Lowell to utilize its cutting-edge graphene and aerogel materials for the next generation of U.S. military footwear.

GC USA, recognized for its innovative solutions and veteran leadership, has a distinguished history of supporting the U.S. Department of Defense and the federal government for over 15 years. As a service-disabled-veteran-owned small business, it excels in program management, administrative support, and IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various military branches, including the Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force.

Founded by a retired veteran of the Army Corps of Engineers, GC USA combines military precision with advanced materials and nanotechnology expertise. This unique combination of skills and experience positions them as an ideal partner for the HEROES (Harnessing Emerging Research Opportunities to Empower Soldiers) initiative.

Chosen for its patented GC Composite graphene and aerogel technology, which stands out for its ultra-lightweight, durable, and insulative properties, a product made from these cutting-edge materials could be perfect for extreme conditions.

This technology is expected to be pivotal in addressing the scientific challenges of enhancing thermal capabilities for military footwear, which is why GC USA was selected to develop the next generation of U.S. military footwear under the SWIFT (Supporting Warfighters through Innovative Footwear Technologies) program, part of the HEROES initiative.

High-tech components

Lightweight, effective, and durable thermal insulation is crucial for military training and operations in extreme cold weather. This latest industry-academia collaborative program seeks to bring next-generation footwear solutions to U.S. warfighters with significantly enhanced performance in terms of protection, comfort, durability, and weight reduction that can be manufactured in the USA.

GC USA aims to tackle the significant scientific challenge of enhancing thermal capabilities for footwear in severe conditions. By developing GC Composite graphene and aerogel designs, the goal is to produce innovative, insulative, and durable materials tailored to excel in extreme cold weather environments.

Overseen by Fuqiang Liu, Associate Professor leading the Electrochemical Energy Lab in the Mechanical Engineering department at UMass Lowell, the project is named 'Characterization and Sampling of Graphene Composites Insulative Materials for Extreme Cold Weather Footwear.'

"GC Composites stand out due to their unique combination of low density, better insulative abilities, and robust durability," said GC USA Vice President Mox Weber. "We will apply our nanomaterials and advanced materials engineering expertise to graphene and aerogel composites to achieve super thermal insulation and enhanced durability of the nano-porous structure."

Collaborative innovation

As part of the work toward improving soldier's footwear, GC USA will collaborate with the HEROES initiative and the University of Massachusetts Lowell to bring high-tech materials to one of Man's oldest technologies.

Overall, this university-industry-government partnership will leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance the performance of footwear for U.S. warfighters.

"HEROES is excited to embark on this University-Industry-Government partnership with cutting-edge technologies from industry partners such as Graphene Composites," said Distinguished University Professor and Co-Director of HEROES Ramaswamy Nagarajan. "We are proud to contribute to DEVCOM SC's mission of developing high-performance footwear for our Warfighters and onshoring manufacturing capabilities to the U.S."

Through its SWIFT program, the HEROES initiative will focus on developing next-generation high-performance footwear solutions. This program aims to deliver significantly enhanced protection, comfort, durability, and weight reduction for servicemen and women, with all products manufactured domestically.

UMass Lowell, known for its commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and community engagement, will also play a crucial role in this initiative. The university's extensive programs span business, education, engineering, fine arts, health, humanities, sciences, and social sciences, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship to address global challenges.

This collaboration underscores the importance of academic and industry partnerships in driving technological advancements and supporting national defense priorities.


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