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Graphene coated surgical gloves coming

Zen, Trebor team up to produce antimicrobial nitrile gloves Metal Tech News – January 20, 2021

Furthering a partnership to provide frontline medical workers with an extra layer of protection from bacteria, fungi and viruses, Canada-based Zen Graphene Solutions Ltd. and Trebor Rx are working together to produce nitrile gloves with a graphene-based antimicrobial coating.

"We are excited to bring another game changer to the PPE Industry," said Trebor Rx CEO George Irwin. "We believe Zen's biocidal coating on gloves gives front line responders and health care associates in all medical and non-medical situations additional protection for both the patient and health care worker. This coating can be used on gloves in food processing and agriculture as well."

Multiple tests carried out at laboratories in Canada has shown that a graphene-based compound developed by Zen is 99.9% effective at killing a broad range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible COVID-19.

Results from recent testing of the graphene compound can be read at Graphene may treat spectrum of disease in the December 30 edition of Metal Tech News.

In November, Zen agreed to supply Trebor with enough of its proprietary, graphene-based antimicrobial ink to treat 100 million personal protection masks and mask filters.

Further details of this agreement can be read at Zen graphene enhanced masks on the way in the November 11 edition of Metal Tech News.

Trebor surgical masks without the Zen Graphene coating have received Health Canada approval as a level 1 medical device in line with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, and Trebor anticipates receiving levels 2 and 3 Health Canada approvals soon. The three levels designate the amount of fluid resistance protection offered.

With these higher-level approvals pending, Zen is currently having tests carried out on the graphene compound for skin irritation and cell toxicity. The data from these tests carried out to meet the standards of ISO, an international standard-setting organization based in Switzerland, is necessary for Trebor to apply for an amendment from Health Canada to include the graphene-based coating on their masks.

Zen and Trebor are also planning to apply this same graphene coating to nitrile gloves sourced or produced by Trebor.

"We are very excited to build upon our initial partnership agreement with the team at Trebor Rx by extending the benefits of our coating to the nitrile glove market," said Zen Graphene Solutions CEO Greg Fenton. "This is a tremendous opportunity for both our companies and demonstrates the strength of our relationship and mutual pursuit of creating value and protecting our front-line workers."

Under the agreement, Zen is providing Trebor with an agreement to distribute the graphene-enhanced nitrile gloves in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

For its part, Trebor agrees to use the coating on all gloves sold and will pay Zen a royalty per glove coated, with a minimum first year guarantee of 100 million gloves.

"Trebor and Zen have a unique relationship with the goal of making safer PPE," said Irwin. "Trebor looks forward to suppling the biocidal gloves within the first half of 2021."

In preparation for producing the amount of graphene coating needed to coat the masks and gloves, Zen has hired the engineering firm Bantrel to design and source production-scale equipment that will be installed at Zen's our new industrial facility in Guelph, Ontario.

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