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New Prospector for TMX Datalinx clients

Metal Tech News - November 2, 2022

TMX info services division offers AI-powered mining analytics software.

Prospecting for investment gems out of more than 2,000 publicly traded mining and mineral exploration companies has gotten a lot easier and accessible with a new agreement for TMX Datalinx, the information services division of the mining exchange powerhouse TMX Group, to sell the artificial intelligence-powered Prospector analytical tool.

The brainchild of Emily King, a geologist and visionary with extensive mining industry experience, Prospector is an AI-powered online platform that converts highly technical mining data into market intelligence contained within a user-friendly search engine.

This ability to quickly search and analyze data contained within large and complex technical reports offers benefits for every level of mining investor – from newcomers seeking companies exploring for and producing the minerals critical to the transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles, to savvy veterans that want to carry out in-depth mineral asset analysis in a fraction of the time.

Under a new agreement, TMX Datalinx will add Prospector software to the investment products and services it offers its clients.

"We are excited to bring the power of Prospector to TMX Datalinx's customers through this agreement," said Prospector founder and CEO King. "Increasing the accessibility and transparency of mining industry data will increase trust and investment in the sector."

From cumbersome SEDAR

Among the most important sources of data for mining investors to consider is found in National Instrument (NI) 43-101 technical reports that mining and mineral exploration companies listed on the Canadian stock exchange are required to file.

These reports offer vital mining investment information such as resource and reserve estimates, mine development plans, preliminary economic assessments, feasibility studies, and other data.

It is required that all these reports be filed to the "System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval," more commonly known as SEDAR, Canada's electronic filing system for public company disclosures.

While SEDAR has rudimentary search functions for finding reports that are otherwise sorted by company and date, this repository cannot help make sense of the highly technical and often very long mining and mineral exploration reports that your search might turn up.

Prospector is the 21st-century solution to quickly and easily finding and understanding mineral investment data contained within the SEDAR repository.

Into new Prospector

Since it began consuming SEDAR data in 2020, Prospector's database has grown to include technical reports from more than 10,000 mining projects around the world, owned by over 2,000 mining companies listed on stock exchanges. This includes the companies listed on two TMX Group stock exchanges – Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange – that host roughly 43% of the world's mining companies.

Prospector's new analyst tool uses advanced filters to quickly search and filter technical reports for users to view resources and reserves, life of mine and production data, and company leadership.

Prospector also offers investors a net present value calculator tool for conducting "back of the envelope" sensitivity analyses for comparing and contrasting projects as a key part of the due diligence and deal flow generation process.

Now Datalinx customers will have access to the subscription-based Prospector service that transforms the unwieldy data from more than one million pages of technical reports into market intelligence that even non-traditional mining investors can use and understand – putting a list of global mineral assets that fit investors' investment criteria at their fingertips.

"TMX Datalinx is pleased to collaborate with Prospector to enable more intuitive access by investors and analysts to the information and insights in our SEDAR data," said Dominic Dowd, managing director of product strategy and analytics at TMX Datalinx.

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