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Hivekit now offers sleek mine management

Presents software made to streamline organization, operations Metal Tech News - January 24, 2024

Looking to put some order into the modern mine, Hivekit Inc. has released an operations management system for the mining and metals industry, providing a cloud-based platform able to track individuals, vehicles, equipment, and other data sources– replicated as a three-dimensional digital twin – allowing management in the virtual before taking it to reality.

Founded in 2023, Hivekit is the result of five years of research and development into creating a new way of workforce coordination based on the self-organization exhibited by large or dense groups of insects. Based out of Germany, the company quickly saw potential in bringing its services to the United Kingdom and United States, establishing contact points in London and Delaware.

Initially targeting agriculture and urban development, Hivekit provides a geospatial data and workforce orchestration platform that is ideal for the bustling activity of a mine site.

Once implemented, it allows operators to track vehicles, people, machines and data sources, issue manual commands and track their completion as well as enable behavioral rules that run complex operations on autopilot.

Much like other software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, Hivekit also provides a mobile app that tracks workers and the vehicles they are in, enables the receipt of tasks, and allows direct communication with site managers.

But what truly sets this software apart is the vendor-agnostic digital reconstruction of the job site. From this, operators can gain a real-time view of every movement on their site and target machine-specific data with customizable user interfaces. This makes it easy to visualize the load, speed, and route of haul trucks and other heavy equipment; show past data to compare efficiencies to current operating procedures; and verify security clearances or current tasks for site staff.

This digital copy can be modified to suit each possible subcontractor, job-specific metrics such as tonnage, or research and data collection points like pH values of nearby water or specific geologies to designated areas – the accessibility is ultimately up to the user.

Hivekit also boasts a unique feature of its software; while it can track and assign tasks, routines can be established that enable autonomous operations using easy-to-write rules. This makes jobs– such as checking access privileges when contractors enter a secure zone or triggering ventilation-on-demand in headings– quick and accurate, allowing human operators more time to focus on overall operational efficiency.

Right out of the box, the Hivekit platform comes with pre-built integrations as well as application programming interfaces and protocols that allow for easy connectivity with a wide range of vehicle and machine endpoints, data platforms, and third-party hardware.

The software is now also available browser-based, along with the mobile app, for all existing operating systems and IT infrastructures.


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