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Articles from the April 22, 2020 edition

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  • Tesla Roadster electric vehicles EV batteries drive demand for lithium mining

    Electric vehicles power lithium demand

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 10, 2022

    Despite global mines supplying more lithium than markets demand and the effects COVID-19 is having on the worldwide economy, Morningstar Inc. sees the 2020s as being "a transformational decade for lithium, as demand will grow over six times 2019 levels." This forecasted growth in lithium demand will be largely powered by an uptick in the adoption of electric vehicles and the lithium-ion batteries that power them. Roughly 305 metric tons of lithium was consumed globally during...

  • Rare earth elements periodic table US Department of Energy investment

    DOE funds critical rare earth research

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 10, 2022

    U.S. Department of Energy is funding up to $18 million for basic research aimed at helping to ensure the continued availability of rare earth elements, or effective substitutes, critical to the functioning of the modern U.S. economy. Rare earth elements such as neodymium, praseodymium, lanthanum and others are vital to a host of contemporary technological and industrial applications, ranging from magnets in electric motors and wind turbines, to speaker and other components in...

  • CdTe thin film photovoltaic PV solar panel installation Kern County California

    SoCal communities buy First Solar power

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 10, 2022

    Tempe, Arizona-based First Solar Inc. April 21 announced the signing of 15-year power purchase agreements with Monterey Bay Community Power and Silicon Valley Clean Energy. Under the agreements, both California-based clean energy agencies will buy electricity from the Rabbitbrush Solar project being developed by First Solar in Kern County, California. The 100-megawatt photovoltaic solar plant being developed north of Los Angeles, scheduled to be completed in the second...

  • Statue of Liberty antimicrobial copper Covid 19 antivirus hospitals

    More copper to fight future pandemics

    A.J. Roan, For Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 27, 2020

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of women miners are calling for more copper and its natural virus fighting properties in hospitals and other public places. "Copper has proven antimicrobial and anti-viral properties that could play an important role in fighting the COVID-19 virus and in minimizing the spread of other viruses and bacteria that could cause future pandemics," the Women's Mining Coalition penned in a recent paper on the public health benefits of... Full story

  • Kaltech Sentinel high tech SAG mill liner electronic wear indicator bolts mining

    Kaltech brings high-tech to mill relining

    A.J. Roan, For Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 27, 2020

    The world's foremost mill relining company, Kaltech International, has reinvented the painstaking yet necessary task of mill relining with innovations that lessen downtime, improve safety and increase profitability. Kaltech Sentinel, the company's latest line of state-of-the-art mill relining products, includes smart bolts and sturdy cameras that provide an unprecedented look inside an operating mill. "Producing products that will benefit the mining industry is a goal of... Full story