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  • McGill University Pretium Resources Brucejack Mine British Columbia Canada

    Brucejack, sour milk and bonanza gold veins

    Shane Lasley, Data Mine North|Updated Jul 10, 2022

    The formation of bonanza-grade gold veins like those running through the ore at Pretium Resources Inc.'s Brucejack Mine in Northern British Columbia, Canada, has long baffled scientists. Given the time it would take the mineralizing fluids carrying minute concentrations of gold to form the thick veins of the precious metal, they simply should not exist. Yet, these seemingly impossible ultrahigh-grade seams of gold are found at places like Brucejack, Ballarat in Australia,... Full story

  • Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. Becancour Quebec graphite lithium-ion batteries

    Quebec battery graphite facility underway

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 10, 2022

    Toward its mission to be a carbon-neutral supplier of the graphite needed in the anodes of lithium-ion batteries, Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. is advancing the development of a coated spherical purified graphite production facility in Quebec. To increase the durability and energy density of lithium-ion batteries powering electric vehicles and storing renewable energy, the graphite that goes into the anodes is rolled into potato-shaped spheres and coated in a hard carbon shell....

  • European Space Agency McGill University Eindhoven University of Technology

    Iron fuels the fires of carbon free energy

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 10, 2022

    University researchers working in tandem with the European Space Agency, have tested the use of a new, smokeless, carbon-free energy by burning iron powder. And what better way to assess the potential of this new type of fuel than by brewing beer with all the flavor and less carbon emissions than traditional brews? First tested in microgravity aboard European Space Agency sounding rockets, a team at McGill University in Canada and Eindhoven University of Technology in the... Full story