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  • A pile of bluish silver lead bars stamped with “Doe Run.”

    DOD invests in Missouri battery metals

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Apr 2, 2024

    Pentagon awards Doe Run $7 million to help scale up a cobalt and nickel processing plant in The Show-Me State. As part of a larger objective to ensure the United States has reliable domestic supplies of the minerals and metals critical to the nation's economy and security, the U.S. Department of Defense has awarded The Doe Run Resources Corp. $7 million to complete a demonstration-scale hydrometallurgical plant for separation of cobalt and nickel at their facility in...

  • NASA engineer preparing CADRE rover for next Moon mission.

    NASA adds CADRE rovers to next Moon mission

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 29, 2024

    Jet Propulsion Lab rovers will conduct autonomous experiments to test viability of mostly independent robotic work in space. After years of research and development, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that its CADRE mini-rovers will soon arrive on the Moon aboard a lunar lander to test the viability of cooperative robotics in future exploration of celestial bodies. Developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California, the Cooperat... Full story

  • BluVeinXL charging system connecting large mining truck to blue e-rail.

    Charging the future e-mine with BluVein

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 20, 2024

    Aussie tech company develops innovative on-the-go charging system for electric mining trucks; collaborating with Hitachi Energy to enhance system. The quest for net-zero carbon emissions has mining companies and heavy equipment manufacturers brainstorming on innovative ways to electrify mining trucks often designed to haul hundreds of tons of rock per load. A dynamic charging system developed by Australia-based BluVein offers a solution that can be retrofitted to all brands...

  • Closeup of an Exyn drone equipped with lidar survey equipment.

    Exyn mapping tech put to the test at Pogo

    Shane Lasley, Data Mine North|Updated Mar 20, 2024

    Recent study shows Exyn drones more safely collect higher quality survey data in half the time compared to traditional mine mapping methods. Exyn Technologies' drone-based mapping system is faster, more accurate, and infinitely safer than traditional underground mine surveying technologies, according to a recent study completed at Northern Star Resources Ltd.'s Pogo gold mine in Alaska. "[T]he data doesn't even compare," said Andrew Loomes, chief mine surveyor at Pogo. Exyn...

  • Image of a Fleet Space nanosatellite over Earth.

    Space-based mineral exploration upgrade

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 13, 2024

    New machine learning enhancements make ExoSphere faster and more powerful than ever; Fleet Space joins Stanford's Mineral-X program Already a powerful tool that is being leveraged by global mining companies such as Rio Tinto and Barrick Gold Corp. to discover mineral deposits hidden below the earth's surface, Fleet Space Technologies' satellite-enabled ExoSphere is now more powerful and faster than ever thanks to the introduction of machine learning. First introduced in 2022,...

  • Periodic table symbol for cobalt, with name and atomic number in electric blue.

    Jervois narrows US cobalt refinery locale

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 12, 2024

    Investigating the advantages of industrial sites in Pennsylvania and Louisiana ahead of final decision. Industrial sites in Pennsylvania and Louisiana are on Jervois Global Ltd.'s short list of locations to build a domestic refining and recycling plant that will help break the United States' dependence on countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and China for cobalt used in the lithium-ion batteries powering electric vehicles. Jervois already owns Idaho Cobalt...

  • A drone flies by a mountain shrouded in clouds.

    Quantum leap for mineral exploration

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 12, 2024

    SBQuantum and Silicon Microgravity merge cutting-edge geophysics tech into a single drone-mounted platform. The world's first diamond quantum magnetometers, a disruptive gravity sensor technology, are being combined with drones into a platform aimed at accelerating the discovery of minerals and metals critical to the high-tech and green energy future. "We'll be combining two key geophysical surveying methods, gravimetry and magnetics, to quickly identify promising mineral...

  • Sparks arc out of a vat being filled with molten steel.

    Green steel made from Baffinland iron

    Shane Lasley, Data Mine North|Updated Mar 9, 2024

    European steelmakers are looking across the Atlantic for high-quality iron ore mined on Canada's Baffin Island. Due to the combination of high strength, low cost, and the abundance of the minerals and metals from which it is made, steel is the most used metal on Earth. The making of this alloy that serves as the skeleton of modern society, however, is also responsible for roughly 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. To help reduce the CO2 footprint of this building material... Full story

  • A breccia-style rock that shows varied types of rocks within.

    Arizona copper miner enlists AI power

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 6, 2024

    Prismo Metals brings ExploreTech xFlare technology to world-class copper project Heating up its exploration endeavors at the company's Hot Breccia project in the heart of the great Arizona Copper Belt, Prismo Metals Inc. has enlisted the support of Exploration Technologies Inc.'s xFlare artificial intelligence technology to assess the potential of this world-class copper target. "The Hot Breccia project should be an ideal place to apply xFlare," said Prismo Metals President... Full story

  • A Nexys mapping system being carried in a backpack at a construction site.

    The Nexys for next-gen mine mapping

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Feb 21, 2024

    Exyn Technologies unveils a new 3D mapping solution to dock with its industry-leading autonomous drones and other delivery systems. Whether carried in a backpack, on the back of a Boston Dynamics Spot robot dog, or docked with one of its own state-of-the-art autonomous drones, Exyn Technologies' new Nexys modular 3D mapping system offers unmatched flexibility, speed, and accuracy for surveying and inspecting mines, construction sites, and other demanding environments. As a...

  • 3D rendering of the Hitachi all-electric EH4000 AC3 haul truck.

    Hitachi unveils all-electric mining truck

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Feb 21, 2024

    Works with ABB to develop prototype that seldom needs a recharge due to innovative trolly assist and regenerative braking system. Heavy equipment staple Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. and electrification and automation leader ABB Ltd. have reached a milestone in their collaboration to develop a battery-powered electric mining haul truck that never needs to break for a recharge. Under development since 2021, with the goal of meeting the growing demand for reducing...

  • An instrument held up to pink and beige bands of underground mineralization.

    US Critical Materials separation tech

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Feb 16, 2024

    USCM is working with INL scientists to develop cutting- edge tech for the separation of rare earths and other critical minerals. Expanding into a critical segment of America's rare earths supply chain, US Critical Materials Corp. is working with Idaho National Laboratory to develop new technologies to separate this suite of notoriously tightly interlocked technology elements. While the United States has no shortage of potential domestic rare earth supplies, and even has one...

  • Various digital symbols imposed on an image of heavy equipment.

    Hivekit now offers sleek mine management

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Feb 9, 2024

    Looking to put some order into the modern mine, Hivekit Inc. has released an operations management system for the mining and metals industry, providing a cloud-based platform able to track individuals, vehicles, equipment, and other data sources– replicated as a three-dimensional digital twin – allowing management in the virtual before taking it to reality. Founded in 2023, Hivekit is the result of five years of research and development into creating a new way of wor... Full story

  • A lone geologist explores rock outcrops in an arid environment.

    BHP selects 2024 Xplor accelerator cohort

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Feb 6, 2024

    Six early-staged explorers selected for the innovative mineral discovery accelerator enjoy $500,000 grant, technical experts, BHP's network. As part of its innovative approach to accelerating the discovery of minerals critical to the energy transition, BHP has selected six companies to join the second cohort of its Xplor program. Launched by the mining giant in the fall of 2022, BHP Xplor is a unique program that offers funding and technical support to early-stage mineral...

  • A Norwegian flag dips into the blue waters of the North Sea.

    Norway's stormy deep-sea mining vote

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Feb 6, 2024

    This week, Norway's parliament, with cross-party support, voted 80 to 20 in favor of opening roughly 108,000 square miles of Arctic seabed to mineral exploration and potential mining between Norway and Greenland near the Svalbard archipelago. Energy transition minerals cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, and manganese can all be found in greater quantities than in our terrestrial mines as potato-sized nodules scattered across the abyssal depths of the seafloor. These accretions are...

  • Green brucite crystals in a white carbonate host rock.

    CO2 Lock races to solidify carbon capture

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Feb 1, 2024

    Clean tech startup advances method to turn CO2 into rock for geological timescale storage. As mining companies around the world endeavor to meet the rocketing demand for minerals needed to build the clean energy infrastructure to slow global warming, CO2 Lock Corp. is racing to put minerals back into the ground for the same purpose. CO2 Lock was formed by FPX Nickel Corp. in 2022 as a clean technology startup focused on carrying forward research into transforming atmospheric...

  • Impossible Metals co-founders Jason Gillham, Renee Grogan, Oliver Gunasekara.

    Sustainable deep-sea mining needed

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 29, 2024

    Metal Tech News Q&A with Oliver Gunasekara, CEO Impossible Metals. As an entrepreneur and business development executive, Oliver Gunasekara has left his mark on the tech world over the past 30-plus years. His latest project, Impossible Metals, is poised to be a real game-changer in the quest of deep sea mining for minerals critical to clean energy – which can and should maintain equal ESG standards to land-based mining. Rather than dredging the seafloor for precious p... Full story

  • A miner in safety gear plugs an electric underground loader into a charger.

    Codelco orders Epiroc digital solutions

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 24, 2024

    World's largest copper producer is implementing digital solutions to optimize safety and productivity; lays groundwork for automation. The world's top copper producer, Codelco, has turned to Epiroc to provide digital solutions that will improve productivity, sustainability, and safety at its mines in Chile. State-owned Codelco has long worked closely with Epiroc to provide equipment and digital solutions at its copper mines. Last August, this longtime business relationship...

  • A pile of goldenrod-colored powder containing mixed rare earth elements.

    Ucore to process Defense Metals REEs

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 15, 2024

    A sample of mixed rare earths from Wicheeda project to be processed through Ucore's RapidSX demo plant in Ontario. In a milestone along the path to establishing a complete rare earth elements supply chain in North America, Defense Metals Corp. will ship a mixed rare earth carbonate sample from its Wicheeda project in British Columbia to Ucore Rare Metals Inc.'s RapidSX REE commercialization and demonstration facility in Ontario for processing. "We expect to ship a mixed rare...

  • Abeeway Smart Badge displayed over an illustrated picture of workers.

    Peru copper mine upgrades worker safety

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 15, 2024

    In the world of technological interconnectivity, Mina Justa, a Peruvian mining operation that produces nearly 150,000 metric tons of copper concentrates and cathode material per year, will employ modern solutions toward worker safety and security with the implementation of strategic internet of things technologies at this critical material mine. A US$1.6 billion greenfield copper project near Marcona, Peru, Mina Justa lies roughly 400 kilometers (250 miles) southeast of Lima...

  • Daoru Han and Jacob Ortega discuss space inside plasma vacuum chamber.

    Heads held high for Missouri S&T finalists

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 9, 2024

    Showcasing the incredible learning environment of the developing protoplex at Missouri University of Science and Technology, a multidisciplinary team of students from the school was selected as one of seven finalists in NASA's 2023 BIG Idea Challenge, and their efforts have opened the doors for many seeking to contribute toward future habitation among the stars. In the fall of 2022, NASA announced its eighth annual Breakthrough, Innovation, and Game-Changing (BIG) Idea...

  • Periodic table entry for lithium on a map of Africa, Asia, and Australia.

    KoBold on a four-continent lithium hunt

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 2, 2024

    Silicon Valley-based KoBold Metals is using the latest machine learning technology to expand its search for lithium across four continents that includes projects in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and Zambia. KoBold's interest in lithium began in Canada, where the high-tech mineral exploration company, backed by funding from Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and others, detected this critical battery metal near Glencore's Raglan nickel mine in northern Quebec. The...

  • Technicians monitor autonomous mining equipment on large computer displays.

    OEMs offer solutions to mining challenges

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 2, 2024

    Alongside the industries they complement, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been tasked with staying ahead of the curve, assessing emerging market trends and technology, and developing best practices and solutions for the future. Their supportive services and specialized equipment have played an integral role in bringing mining operations into the future. Tomorrow's mines and their backers bank on three pillars – efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This primaril...

  • A bulk commodities ship equipped with large white cylinders with Teck logo.

    Teck takes CO2 reductions to high seas

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Dec 22, 2023

    Collaborates with Oldendorff to install innovative wind propulsion system on vessel that delivers BC steelmaking coal. The pending sale of its steelmaking coal business to commodities giant Glencore has not slowed Teck Resources Ltd.'s push of new technologies that will lower the carbon dioxide emissions footprint of shipping the bulk commodity used to transform iron ore to steel. To lower the CO2 emissions of shipping coal from its mining operations in southeastern British...

  • A 3D rendering of a hydrogen fuel-powered Komatsu 930E haul truck.

    GM, Komatsu forge hydrogen partnership

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Dec 22, 2023

    Revolutionizing heavy-duty commercial equipment, General Motors and Komatsu have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration, aiming to power mining haul trucks with hydrogen fuel cells, driving cleaner operations and moving toward the ambitious goal of zero-carbon emissions. Lightweight and quick to refuel, hydrogen fuel cells are hailed as the ideal solution to electrifying applications traditionally powered by diesel engines. Powered by the universe's most abundant mate...

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