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  • Graphic of human body and biosensor targets against graphene lattice backdrop.

    Graphene used for early cancer detection

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 12, 2024

    HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. is a commercial manufacturer of high-quality nanomaterials whose graphene product has been selected and successfully trialed in Hawkeye Bio's biomedical sensor designed for the early detection of lung cancer. Only the third company to be certified globally by the Graphene Council, HydroGraph is headquartered in Toronto, with a manufacturing facility in Kansas where the company has exclusive license from Kansas State University to produce both... Full story

  • Graphic showing 2D MXenes and some of their potential applications.

    Scientists explore new atomic frontiers

    Rose Ragsdale, For Metal Tech News|Updated Oct 4, 2022

    Researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia have succeeded in using a new method of analysis to peel back the atomic layers of two-dimensional metallic compounds known as MXenes (pronounced max-eens), opening the door to development of a wide range of new materials. Two-dimensional materials are substances with a thickness of a few nanometers or less. Electrons in these materials are free to move in the two-dimensional plane, but their restricted motion in the third...