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Critical Minerals Alliances Data Mine North North of 60 Mining News UN Climate

An inconvenient truth for climate change

It is an inconvenient truth that the low-carbon future envisioned by world leaders that gathered for the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, cannot be built without massive new... — Updated 1/25/2022 Full story

 By Shane Lasley    Tech Metals 
Nico cobalt refinery Fortune Minerals Northwest Territories battery metals

Fortunate locale for Nico cobalt refinery

Alberta has been chosen as the best locale to develop a critical minerals refinery that would process concentrates from Fortune Minerals Ltd.'s planned Nico cobalt-gold-bismuth-copper mine in Cana... — Updated 1/25/2022 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals 
Rice University graphene production sound Li brothers audio frequency data

Brothers discover the sound of graphene

Two brothers in a Rice University laboratory noticed a fascinating result during the production of the miracle material graphene that could potentially change the way it is manufactured – by... — Updated 1/25/2022 Full story

Tesla Talon Metals Minnesota nickel cobalt deal electric vehicles EV Elon Musk

Tesla cuts deal for Minnesota nickel

As the competition for supplies of the minerals and metals needed to build electric vehicles heats up, Tesla Inc. has cut a deal to secure the nickel for the lithium-ion batteries to power its fut... — Updated 1/18/2022 Full story

Electra Battery Metals Glencore Ontario Canada cobalt hydroxide feed material

Electra, Glencore cut new cobalt deals

Above and beyond its agreement to sell cobalt hydroxide feed material to Electra Battery Materials Corp., Glencore has signed a five-year tolling contract for the use of Electra's refinery in... — Updated 1/18/2022 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
DESY nanoparticles hydrogen fuel chocolate palladium iridium graphene container

DESY nano-chocolates that store hydrogen

Announced just before the end of 2021, a team led by the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron or DESY research center, laid the foundation for an alternative method of storing hydrogen gas using... — Updated 1/14/2022 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
James Webb Space Telescope JWST NASA rocket launch Christmas Hubble mirror

Reflecting on the Webb telescope mirrors

Although delayed by a few extra days, a historic event occurred this Christmas with the launch of what is set to become mankind's most powerful "eye" into the unknown, the James Webb Space... — Updated 1/14/2022 Full story

Albermarle Australia lithium plasma 6K battery UniMelt carbon dioxide emissions

Greener lithium batteries with plasma tech

Seeking greener and more efficient technology for the production of advanced lithium materials for rechargeable batteries, Australia-based Albemarle Corp. has entered into a joint development... — Updated 1/14/2022 Full story

Tesla Syrah Resources graphite anode material Vidalia processing facility mine

Tesla secures Vidalia battery graphite

Tesla Inc. has cut a deal with Syrah Resources Ltd. to supply the single largest ingredient in most lithium-ion batteries powering electric vehicles – graphite. More specifically, the renowned... — Updated 1/11/2022 Full story

Welsbach Technology Metals Acquisition public offering Nasdaq Global Market

New tech metals player launches $75M IPO

Looking to establish itself as a major new player in the technology metals and energy transition metals space, Welsbach Technology Metals Acquisition Corp. has launched a $75 million initial... — Updated 1/11/2022 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
Waterloo Ontario University antimicrobial virucidal SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Nano copper takes the fight to coronavirus

In further investigation into the natural antimicrobial properties of copper, researchers at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, have discovered that using a thin-film coating of copper or... — Updated 1/11/2022 Full story

RMIT University Australia copper antimicrobial virucidal SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Scientists develop rapid bacteria killer

Scientists in Australia have developed a copper material that kills deadly bacteria two minutes after contact and could prove effective in destroying SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. A... — Updated 1/4/2022 Full story

Mountain Pass REE mine to magnet supply chain US electric vehicles

GM secures American rare earth magnets

To secure a long-term domestic supply of the rare earths needed to build electric vehicles in North America, General Motors has entered into a binding agreement to buy REE materials and magnets... — Updated 12/28/2021 Full story

USA Rare Earth magnet critical minerals gallium battery metals supply chain

Texas tech metals deposit critical to US

The proposed list of 50 critical minerals unveiled by the U.S. Geological Survey in November shined a light on how dependent the United States is on foreign countries for rare earth elements and... — Updated 12/28/2021 Full story

Pennsylvania mining waste lithium Penn State Critical Minerals Alliances

Historic mining for future battery metals

Pennsylvanian coal helped to fuel America's Industrial Revolution, and mines in the Keystone State have since provided a domestic source of iron ore, cobalt, nickel, and various other metals.... — Updated 12/28/2021 Full story

ioneer Nevada lithium Rhyolite Ridge boron DOE loan approval batteries EV

Rhyolite Ridge nears DOE loan approval

With a "substantially complete" application for a loan to fund the development of its Rhyolite lithium-boron project in Nevada already being processed by the U.S. Department of Energy Loan... — Updated 12/28/2021 Full story

lithium cobalt nickel graphite manganese battery metals minerals

Electra to recycle battery metals in 2022

In another step toward realizing its vision of establishing a lithium battery materials park at its First Cobalt refinery in Ontario, Electra Battery Materials Corp. is putting in motion a plan... — Updated 12/21/2021 Full story

GE Additive manufacturing Airbus aerospace titanium aluminum 3d printing

Airbus secures metal 3D printing powder

Canada-based AP&C has signed a deal to supply Airbus with titanium powders for 3D printing, a technology that is gaining traction for manufacturing lighter, more durable, and uniquely designed... — Updated 12/21/2021 Full story

General Motors GM sources domestic United States supplies of battery materials

Domestic mining key to Biden EV strategy

While laying out an action plan to establish the national network of electric vehicle charging stations needed to keep pace with its ambitious goal of 50% of all vehicles sold in the United... — Updated 12/15/2021 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
purest gallium arsenide electrons Princeton University physics quantum mechanics

Nature of electrons revealed with chip

Princeton University researchers have created the world's purest sample of gallium arsenide, a semiconductor used in devices that power cell phones and satellites. From a square no larger than... — Updated 12/7/2021 Full story

bp British Petroleum Lightsource solar panel PV photovoltaic cadmium-telluride

bp puts in large First Solar panel order

Continuing its transformation from a British company supplying much of the world's petroleum needs for the past 120 years to an integrated energy company embracing a spectrum of energy sources... — Updated 12/7/2021 Full story

Cornish Lithium United Kingdom TechMet rare earths Downs geothermal Cornwall

Cornish Lithium attracts TechMet funding

An up to 18-million-pound (US$24 million) investment by global critical metals firm TechMet Ltd. is allowing Cornish Lithium Ltd. to accelerate its mission to provide domestic supplies of lithium... — Updated 12/7/2021 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
SPEE3D 3D metal printer additive manufacturing Australia army M113 WarpSPEE3D

Australian Army 3D prints parts in the bush

Whether on the frontlines of a battle or on a humanitarian mission in some remote corner of Earth, military vehicles are usually far from a parts depot when they are needed most. This is why the... — Updated 11/30/2021 Full story

EV US supply chain rare earths critical minerals Biden administration mining

EV cart ahead of critical minerals horse

Does the United States' electric vehicle ambitions put the cart before the horse? Or, more precisely, place the EVs ahead of the raw material supply chains needed to build them? The Biden... — Updated 11/23/2021 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Tech Metals
gallium soft robot T-1000 Terminator China programmable shapeshifting metal

Rise of the liquid gallium smart robots

Skynet's liquid metal T-1000 robot seemed fantastical when the Terminator 2: Judgement Day movie was released in 1991. Fast forward 30 years, however, and researchers at the Chinese Academy of... — Updated 11/23/2021 Full story


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