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Exyn unveils next gen drone technology

ExynAero builds on company's autonomous drone success Metal Tech News – October 28, 2020


Last updated 11/24/2020 at 1:46am

Exyn autonomous aerial robots for mapping lidar data collection compilation

Exyn Technologies

With improved data collection and merging features, ExynAero represents the newest generation of Exyn Technologies' fully autonomous drones for mapping of underground mines and other complex and GPS-denied environments.

Exyn Technologies launches the newest drone in its lineup of aerial robots, the ExynAero, along with ExynPak, a new portable format that allows users to take advantage of the drone's mapping and other features where autonomy is not needed or practical.

Already well known for its previous work in autonomous aerial robot systems, the award-winning Exyn Technologies has continued to pursue a truly autonomous drone that can intelligently navigate and dynamically adapt to complex GPS-denied environments in real-time.

With the support of its drones, industries such as mining, logistics and construction are able to benefit from a single, integrated solution to capture critical and time-sensitive data in a safer and more efficient way while also staying affordable.

This latest release is an upgrade from A3R, a fully autonomous drone that already allows for mapping of human-inaccessible and industrial environments without a pilot or GPS guidance.

In the mining industry, underground mapping was previously limited to the scan of a single point called static cavity monitoring, which is essentially a lidar scanner at the end of a very long pole.

Former versions of Exyn drones have already improved the conditions and have changed the accuracy and time for surveying stopes by eliminating the static scanning and the time consumption of manually placing each pole.

Dundee Precious Metals out of Canada, is one such company that has benefitted tremendously from Exyn's A3R drones.

What would take their surveyors an hour or more was reduced to 15-20 minutes, and the drone's autonomous mobility kept the surveyors away from high-risk areas.

ExynAero is an improvement upon A3R.

Built upon the previous iterations using ExynAI software which can mesh multiple data streams in real time, ExynAero is also able to leverage various sensors and platforms that can be merged together via their automated software to build a robust and complete map of the environment it surveys, in real time with multiple units running simultaneously.

"The ExynAero represents the future of data collection across a number of applications and industrial environments," said Exyn Technologies CEO Nader Elm. "The product is the first of its kind to offer true aerial autonomy. The ExynAero can fly itself in the most challenging and unknown environments, collect the data, and merge the streams with ExynAI on board. This allows for maximum data collection and a radical improvement in safety for workers around the world who are placed in difficult and sometimes potentially dangerous conditions."

The ExynAero's features include a robust 270-degree view providing detailed in-depth visuals of stopes in full high definition color, super-bright lighting and lidar to provide utmost sharpness.

"We're hoping with the launch of this product and the additional modalities offered by the ExynPak, that our customers will be able to collect the data they need easily, regardless of limitations," said Elm. "The benefits of this will lead to not only significantly greater worker safety, but also considerable improved productivity and efficiency."

Exyn autonomous aerial robots for mapping lidar data collection compilation

Exyn Technologies

The new ExynPak provides the ability to take advantage of ExynAero's mapping, data collection, and other features where autonomy is not needed or practical.

The ExynPak, which can be handheld or mounted to a vehicle, provides a new portable format that enables users to unstrap ExynAero's built-in data capturing tools.

Due to this latest option, the ExynPak will allow for an expansion of the potential applications of Exyn's core technology with its applications and the environments it is used in.

With these latest improvements, industries that are shifting toward autonomous drone use and those that find them indispensable will be excited to discover the latest ExynAero.

Monitoring, mapping and inspection are just some of the ways that mining and other industries will see improvements as a truly fully autonomous drone can establish a new precedent in the management and options available to mine sites and industrial areas.

Exyn continues to impress with its singular goal of autonomous aerial robots and pushes the limits of what industries already do and what they can do better.


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