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Grafren technology opens door to e-fabric

Using graphene flakes in textiles to make conductive clothing Metal Tech News – November 10, 2021


Last updated 11/9/2021 at 4:24pm

Grafren AB graphene textiles e-fabric smart clothes G-HEATEX PUZZLE X event

Grafren AB

With a patented method to adhere graphene-flakes to fabrics, Grafren has opened the doors to a future of smart clothing.

Continued innovations in graphene have led to Grafren AB developing a potentially new direction in the textiles industry. Possibly as significant as denim, smart graphene-based textiles with its patented method to separate high-quality graphene flakes have opened the doors to a future of high-tech fabrics.

Sweden-based Grafren began as a team of researchers out of Linköping University seeking new ways to use graphene and devised a method to incorporate graphene flakes into the depth of a fabric.

Its most recent innovation, although a pair of thermal gloves, posits a new direction all textiles may take in the future.

Dubbed G-HEATEX, by wrapping each individual fiber with these graphene flakes creates a conductive "skin," that with controlled electrical conductivity produces an incredible thermal capability that could change cold climate personal protective equipment.

Due to the innate quality of graphene with its hyperconductivity, a future with smart clothing has just been presented with these latest G-HEATEX gloves.

To be presented at the first edition of PUZZLE X, a new initiative focused on the use of Materials Deep Tech, to build a more sustainable future for humanity, the event will be held in Barcelona, Spain, between November 16th to the 18th.

Organized by Fira de Barcelona, the Advanced Material Future Preparedness Taskforce, and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, the hope is for the convention to fast-track frontier materials innovation to solve society's greatest challenges in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The PUZZLE X Frontier Material innovations initiative will showcase many wild and cutting-edge inventions such as 3D printed human tissue and air-purifiers that clean the air while riding bicycles, as well as Grafren's latest thermal gloves.

While a decent pair of heated gloves might not seem like such a big deal – unless you work in climates that make them crucial – the potential that conductive clothing can provide to multiple industries signifies how incredible this technology is.

Grafren AB

Weaving in conductive graphene will likely go beyond just adding warmth to carpet, bodysuits, blankets, jackets, socks, and scarves. In the video game industry haptic feedback is still in its infancy, but with graphene treated fabric, it could enter a new era. Health and vitals monitoring, location transmission in hazardous working environments, winter sports, the list could go on as far as the imagination of how significant textiles have been to mankind's history.

Due to the limitations of conductive electrodes in previous explorations of textiles, these kinds of concepts have only existed in stories.

Even more incredible is according to Grafren, its technology is already fully compatible with traditional textile production methods, and while we may be many years from a high-tech stillsuits like those found in Dune, this is just the beginning for e-fabrics.


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