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By A.J. Roan
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Hyundai reveals super luxury SUEV concept

At LA convention, latest IONIQ brand electric vehicle showcase Metal Tech News - November 17, 2021


Last updated 12/7/2021 at 1:57pm

Hyundai Motor Group SEVEN concept electric vehicle SUEV IONIQ LA Convention

Hyundai Motors

Just like the Hyundai 45 concept heralded in the IONIQ 5, and the Prophecy concept gave birth to the IONIQ 6, the SEVEN concept gives a glimpse into the possible IONIQ 7.

Hyundai Motors Group announced today the reveal of SEVEN, its newest sport utility electric vehicle concept at AutoMobility LA. Along with other products such as the IONIQ 5 and the XCIENT fuel cell on display at the auto show, SEVEN shows that Hyundai is leaping ahead in the e-mobility market.

Following the 45 and Prophecy concepts in 2019 and 2020, respectively, SEVEN opens a new chapter for the IONIQ brand as Hyundai's dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV) showcase. These differentiated design and technology innovations have been made to prioritize customer values over industry norms, with SEVEN being a clear representation of the company's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2045.

"The SEVEN concept demonstrates Hyundai's creative vision and advanced technological development for our electrified mobility future," said José Muñoz, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America. "Its innovative interior space, eco-friendly powertrain and cutting-edge safety and convenience technologies reveal an exciting future for Hyundai SUV customers."

As part of the IONIQ brand, the SEVEN concept is built upon Hyundai's Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), a dedicated BEV architecture. E-GMP's long wheelbase and flat platform floor enable a completely new class of vehicle that offers an entirely new experience for future customers.

Its aerodynamically pure silhouette diverges from typical SUVs. A low, leading edge of the hood, single streamlined roofline, and elongated wheelbase communicate a break from traditional internal combustion SUVs.

SEVEN is a perfect example of IONIQ, with its space innovation and hygienic features intended to transform the vehicle as almost a living space on wheels.

"As a tangible proof of Hyundai's vision of 'Progress for Humanity,' IONIQ changes the paradigm of electric vehicle customer experiences, accommodating diverse lifestyles without constraints," said Thomas Schemera, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer of Hyundai Motor Company. "SEVEN represents our commitment to a human-centered approach to redefine everyday experiences."

In support of SEVEN's powerful road presence are wheels that feature integrated active air flaps, which deploy or retract depending on brake-cooling or low-drag requirements.

Furthermore, even under the dark of night, SEVEN is easily identifiable with IONIQ's signature parametric pixel lights that deliver a welcome light sequence on startup. Parametric pixels provide a common design trend, linking digital and analog styles, a reminder that its designers considered every aspect of SEVEN's design down to single pixels.

Going inside, SEVEN's interior prioritizes spacious innovations that offer greater freedom, with a wheelbase reaching 3.2 meters (10.5 feet). In addition, a flat floor offered by new mechanical (or, more accurately, lack thereof) features that EVs provide has allowed Hyundai to explore an alternative to the traditional row-based seat arrangement.

Pillarless coach doors offer a grand entrance to reveal a welcoming interior with a completely welcoming interior. Furthermore, SEVEN embodies Hyundai's future expectations of autonomous mobility. The driver's seat features a retractable control stick that hides away when not in use; without the need for usual driving equipment, an ultra-slim cockpit with integrated screens creates a lounge-like experience.

Just the description alone appears to sound as if Hyundai has built a sleek luxury jet.

Beyond its comfortable interior, the luxury concept has several software features that practically turn transportation into habitation.

A universal island console, home appliances, and a multi-functional Smart Hub, as well as a panoramic vision roof, have made this next-gen concept truly one of a kind.

"SEVEN dares to break from the beaten path," said SangYup Lee, senior vice president and head of Hyundai Global Design. "SEVEN paves the way forward for what an SUV needs to become in the EV era with a unique aerodynamic pure form that does not compromise on its rugged personality. The interior opens up a new dimension of space that cares for its passenger as a family living space."

Keeping in accordance with the low-carbon green transition, SEVEN was also designed as a sustainable and hygienic mobility environment.

Using various eco-friendly materials while also offering clean features, such as a hygiene airflow system and UVC sterilization – the COVID pandemic has made many practically germaphobes and Hyundai has accounted for that.

Taking inspiration from passenger aircraft, the hygiene airflow system allows air through built-in air intakes on the roof rails to be passed down through vents behind the rear wheels in a vertical mode. At the same time, air can also flow from the dashboard to the rear vents, typical to most vehicles in its horizontal mode.

As for the UVC Sterilization, integrated UVC (ultraviolet-C) lights have been built in to help clean the "living space" of bacteria and viruses.

Finally, thanks to its E-GMP system, SEVEN has been reported to provide outstanding driving range and comes with ultra-fast charging capabilities.

Hyundai Motors

In a real-world scenario with a 350-kilowatt charger, the newest SUEV (sport utility electric vehicle) is capable of charging from 10% to 80% in roughly 20 minutes with a purported driving range of over 300 miles.

As a luxury concept, SEVEN has been designed with all the bells and whistles that may be available in top-of-the-line editions, but it is hard to say many will make the economic cut. Supplementing its IONIQ line is perhaps all this is genuinely showcasing but beyond that, it is always a treat to see such creative and fun innovations in concepts.

This category-bending electric SUV concept will be on display in Hyundai Motor's booth at the LA Convention Center between November 19th to the 28th. As a special note, Hyundai reminds customers that SEVEN is a concept vehicle, and its specifications should not be considered as those of an upcoming model.


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