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By A.J. Roan
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Graphene filters to make breathing easier

Graphene Composites announces its air filters against COVID Metal Tech News – February 16, 2022


Last updated 2/15/2022 at 1:21pm

Graphene Composites air filter COVID coronavirus nanomaterials Omicron variant

Graphene Composites Ltd.

Coating each individual fiber in an air filter allows air to flow unimpeded while trapping and killing viruses and bacteria.

Graphene Composites Ltd., a world leader in nanomaterials engineering, announced the development of a unique coating for air filters that destroy viruses and bacteria on contact.

Designed to be effective against all COVID variants, including Omicron, Graphene Composites introduces its GC Halo treatment for air filters to help deliver cleaner and safer indoor air.

"GC Halo uses groundbreaking nanoparticle technology to neutralise pathogens," said Steve Devine, chief technology officer at Graphene Composites. "The distinctive targeting of the lipid membrane means GC Halo is designed to be effective against any Covid variants – including Omicron. This is a key advantage, especially considering the several mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus since its first outbreak."

GC states that its technology is a combination of graphene oxide and silver nanoparticle ink that destroys pathogens by forming a "trap and kill" layer on air filters. Fast-acting, safe, and more than 99% effective against SARS-CoV-2, independent tests and certifications have proven GC Halo's capabilities as a filter coating, according to the company.

By forming an ultra-thin, uniform, actively virucidal film on the individual fibers of the filter materials, air can flow virtually unimpeded through treated filters – something crucial in ventilation systems, trapping airborne viruses and bacteria.

According to preliminary data from clinical trials, the company states that its nanoparticle preparation is equally effective against common and dangerous bacteria such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and black mold.

This suggests that the GC Halo could be used in a broad range of potential applications in the health and wellbeing spheres.

Currently, GC has filed a patent with the United Kingdom's Intellectual Property Office for GC Halo. This follows on from publication by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and respective filings in the US, China, and International Patent Cooperation Treaty patent authorities.

Presently, GC Halo is undergoing real-world trials at an undisclosed United States university within a COVID setting, with similar trials being undertaken in the UK and Europe.

Additionally, the company has stated that it is excited about its commercial aspects and has expressed plans of manufacturing with partner Sun Filter Co. in Thailand, a leading filter maker and one of the world's largest filter exporters.

"This is a major step in the commercialisation of our patent pending formulation which has demonstrated its broadband effectiveness against a wide variety of pathogens," said Graphene Composites CEO Sandy Chen. "Designed to tackle new coronavirus variants, air filters coated with GC Halo are a powerful tool in tackling the spread of viruses and bacteria, now and in the future."

Status of testing or when such a product will reach market have not been stated.


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