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By A.J. Roan
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Motorsport electrification begins with Taiga

Makes first all-electric all-terrain powertrain snowmachine Metal Tech News – April 13, 2022


Last updated 4/19/2022 at 12:32pm

Taiga Motors all-electric snowmobile ore snowmachine in Canada

Taiga Motors Inc.

Taiga Motors EKKO snowmobile has an estimated range of 100 kilometers (62 miles), with a 120-horsepower motor that can accelerate from 0-100 kmh (0-60 mph) in 4.1 seconds.

Although the weather is warming as spring arrives to the Northern Hemisphere, fans of winter sports can look forward to the latest addition to electrification with Taiga Motors Inc. announcing the launch of a battery-electric snowmobile, a first for the company and world.

Hoping to electrify snowmobiles since its inception in 2015, Canada-based Taiga has long been ahead of the curve and has been determined to transform motorsports with the adoption of electrification.

Yet, it proved more difficult to imagine for the three co-founders, as an all-electric snowmachine platform was hampered from size and weight constraints. At a certain point, the weight became a disadvantage for a machine meant to glide across the snow, not get bogged down in it.

Instead of weighing these machines down with more batteries, the Taiga design team needed a clean slate.

While not everyone can agree on what they should be called – snowmobile, snowmachine, Skidoo, motor sled, snow scooter, or whatever you may call them in your neck of the woods – all can agree that performance is essential, and an all-electric engine must be exceptional.

Furthermore, the use of these vehicles would be unique in the world of electric vehicles, as they operate in arduous conditions, blazing trails, and scaling peaks, not to mention the frigid weather that is practically the archnemesis to all batteries. Otherwise, if Taiga could successfully electrify the snowmobile its dream of electrifying other off-road vehicles would be a breeze.

Therefore, every system, component, and the thousands of decisions that led to the final achievement was chosen for full-scale production, and that the production of Taiga snowmobiles had to offer inexhaustible performance, superior to that of their traditional equivalents.

Taiga has developed the first performance-focused all-electric all-terrain powertrain perfectly suited for snowmobile applications, delivering clean power to vehicles that traverse the world's toughest conditions.

The company's innovative technology is an extraordinary engineering achievement that has pushed the boundaries of electric technology and serves as a foundation for the electrification of the off-road vehicle industry.

Additionally, the company has made it its mission to revolutionize motorsports and transform the way enthusiasts access outdoor environments. For them, it is not just about creating the best off-road vehicles possible, but about consuming clean, sustainable energy that matters to everyone.

For Taiga, a vision of ensuring the survival of environments in which snowmachines operate for the benefit of future generations is its prevailing goal.

Growing from a small group of engineers to a specialized manufacturing company has only accelerated that vision, and the development of a highly refined and functional snowmobile was only half the battle.

The Taiga team has worked tirelessly to find solutions and meet production challenges during an unprecedented time – amidst a global pandemic and a growing scarcity of battery minerals and metals – and with a complete understanding of its platform, has managed to implement its innovation and produce full-scale manufacturing of its first all-electric snowmobiles.

Taiga vehicles will allow outdoor enthusiasts to explore nature without compromising performance and environmental protection. The Taiga-exclusive powertrain was designed with a modular architecture that enables broad technology applications beyond electric vehicles for powersports to advance the industry as a whole.

In short, the start of customer deliveries will mark the birth of a multiplicative effect toward its mission to transform the way we access the outdoors, pre-orders are available now.


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