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Xerox printer copying in the 3D space

Collab with Rochester Institute of Technology for ElemX printer Metal Tech News – May 4, 2022


Last updated 7/12/2022 at 2:04pm

The ElemX 3D metal printer by Xerox bought by Rochester Institute of Technology.


The ElemX 3D printer utilizes a proprietary liquid metal printing technique that can viably print aluminum.

Longtime household name Xerox is more than just copying onto paper these days. Today, it is printing in the 3D space as well, reporting that the Rochester Institute of Technology recently purchased one of its ElemX metal 3D printers for research and project development at RIT's Additive Manufacturing and Multifunction Printing Center in Henrietta, New York.

"RIT has already been a great partner in helping advance our liquid metal AM technology and we believe the installation of the ElemX at the AM Print Center will be important to further refine our solution," said Elem Additive General Manager Tali Rosman. "Partnering with advanced research facilities like RIT that collaborate with manufacturers will be key to scaling up adoption of our technology within the industry."

As a longtime collaborator with Xerox in the additive manufacturing space and one of the early liquid metal AM adopters, the AM Print Center faculty have years of experience involving metal 3D printing with a primary focus on aerospace applications.

The installation results from a successful industry-university collaboration, and both parties will continue to work together to scale the ElemX for new commercial and industrial applications.

As for Xerox' ElemX, it is purportedly safer and simpler as a metal 3D printing technology addressing supply chain resiliency for transportation, aerospace, defense, and industrial manufacturing.

Until now, the ability to 3D print aluminum consistently and reliably has challenged the market; unlike other metal 3D printing technologies, there are no hazardous metal powders with ElemX and no need for personal protective equipment or other considerable safety measures.

Engineered to bring simplicity to the supply chain process, according to Xerox, ElemX is the ideal option for spares, repairs, and low-volume production parts.

Samples of various shapes from liquid metal 3D printing using the ElemX printer.


The Xerox ElemX is a liquid metal style of 3D printer that uses a cost-effective metallic wire, in this case, aluminum, to fabricate end-use parts that can withstand the rigors of operational demands.

"Liquid metal AM is a technology poised to tackle on-demand production of replacement aluminum parts to minimize inventory costs," said Denis Cormier, a professor of industrial and systems engineering and director of RIT's AM Print Center. "Collaborating with industry partners like Elem Additive is an important part of our work here at the AM Print Center to maximize the capabilities of AM technology."

The installation at RIT's AM Print Center builds on previous ElemX installations at the Naval Postgraduate School and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, two other advanced research facilities that are focused on increasing the adoption of metal AM in manufacturing.

You can read about the navel adoption of metal 3D printing at Xerox teams up with Navy for 3D printing in the February 10, 2021, edition of Metal Tech News.

"We believe the ElemX has the greatest potential for industrial growth and scalability," added Cormier.


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