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Taiga splashes into summer with Orca EV

Adds all-electric jet ski to its lineup of zero-carbon motorsports Metal Tech News - July 20, 2022

After meeting the challenge of developing an electrifying green alternative to winter sport engines, Taiga Motors Inc. is now making a splash into summer with its Orca line of electric watercraft or jet skis.

You can read about Taiga snowmobiles at Motorsport electrification begins with Taiga in the April 13, 2022, edition of Metal Tech News.

Taiga's revolutionary all-electric Orca Carbon watercraft combines an innovative and optimized design, alongside exclusive cutting-edge technology.

So how does the Orca differ from typical jet skis? With an entire hull fabricated from composite carbon, high load-to-weight ratio, and low center of gravity, it's a small wonder these aren't called water rockets.

With a power output of 120 kilowatts and 160 horsepower, this killer whale can accelerate in less than 1 millisecond and is near perfectly quiet-a watercraft unlike any made before.

With a range of 45 kilometers (28 miles) – equivalent to nearly two hours of continuous riding – the Orca allows users another motor option that falls in line with the long-term goal of Taiga: the decarbonization of motorsports. In fact, this watercraft incorporates many of the components of the company's sophisticated powertrain it introduced to the world through its snowmobiles.

As for the Orca, built with a smart system and full heads-up display to track the vehicles' metrics, without the heft and bulk of a gas-powered engine, the body has also been turned into ample storage.

In the end, when the jet ski needs recharging, just plug it in at the dock or at home and wait.

"At Taiga, we pride ourselves on providing outdoor enthusiasts with the means to explore all that Mother Nature has to offer, without having to choose between power and environmental protection," the company states on its website.


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