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DOE seeks input for clean energy projects

To use $1.2T Infrastructure Bill funds to revitalize communities Metal Tech News – August 10, 2022


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DOE hopes to utilize the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to fund worthwhile clean energy projects that aim to revitalize areas where old-world energy production was its economic foundation.

The United States Department of Energy is seeking public input for a new $750 million Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program.

Funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the program is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized manufacturers to produce or recycle clean energy products or deploy cutting-edge greenhouse gas-reducing equipment at facilities in coal communities.

Along with these investments, the program will expand the nation's clean energy infrastructure, strengthen domestic supply chains, and support Biden's goals to fully decarbonize America's economy.

"Transforming existing manufacturing and industrial properties into clean energy and recycling centers is key to making the benefits of renewables – from lower energy costs to job creation and cleaner air – available to communities that have powered America for decades," said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

The energy secretary added that funding made available via the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is making "it possible for programs like this to further DOE's strategy to strengthen our nation's clean energy infrastructure and extend our support for small and medium-sized manufacturers and surrounding coal communities that are critical to reaching our clean energy future."

Led by DOE's new Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains, this RFI seeks public input on how the program can effectively bolster secure, resilient, and clean energy supply chains and support community development and economic revitalization in areas that have experienced coal mine and coal power plant closures.

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This includes technical assistance for manufacturers to support the transition of former coal workers into clean energy jobs and shift energy infrastructure into hubs for future economic growth.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers that wish to apply to this program must gross less than $100 million in sales annually, employ fewer than 500 employees at their plant site, and have accrued a total annual energy bill of more than $100,000 but less than $2.5 million.

Projects will be categorized by the following:

• Clean Energy Prototype Projects – to re-equip or expand existing manufacturing or recycling facilities, or establish new facilities, to produce or recycle clean energy technologies or products.

• Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Projects – to re-equip existing industrial or manufacturing facilities with equipment designed to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions below current best practices.

RFI responses must be received no later than 5 p.m. EST on Sept. 16.

While this is not a funding opportunity announcement, earlier this month, DOE did offer $6 million toward alternate uses for coal. That funding announcement can be read at DOE offers $6M for alt coal use research in the August 3, 2022, edition of Metal Tech News.

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Additionally, DOE made a similar Request For Information regarding critical materials. You can read the announcement at DOE seeks input on US critical materials in this week's edition of Metal Tech News.


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