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  • Graphic depicting transition metal chalcogenide nanofibers at the atomic level.

    Metallic nanowire breakthrough from Tokyo

    K. Warner, For Metal Tech News|Updated Apr 3, 2024

    In recent years a great deal of research has gone into creating revolutionary nanomaterials capable of self-assembling into a wide range of dimensional structures at an atomic level. Transition metal chalcogenide (TMC) nanofibers are structures consisting of transition metal atoms such as tungsten, compounded by an element from the oxygen family on the periodic table (like sulfur or tellurium), called chalcogenides. They are known for their unique electrical and optical...

  • Elemental symbol for nickel, between copper and cobalt on the periodic table.

    BC nickel project receives Canada support

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Apr 3, 2024

    FPX Nickel obtains $725,000 federal grant to advance low-carbon nickel development at Baptiste project. In support of a potential low-carbon domestic source of the nickel and cobalt needed for lithium-ion batteries, Natural Resources Canada has awarded FPX Nickel Corp. with C$725,000 (US$526,000) to accelerate demonstration of the technical and commercial viability of producing these electric vehicle battery metals from the company's Baptiste project in central British...

  • ABTC’s newest Nevada facility will recycle lithium-ion batteries.

    ABTC builds base for battery independence

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Apr 3, 2024

    As more and more companies answer the call to supply the materials needed to fuel the clean energy transition, American Battery Technology Company has been doing its part to establish a strong foundation to provide electric vehicle manufacturers and other renewable technology companies with critical battery metals for decades to come. Founded in 2011, ABTC (formerly known as American Battery Metals Corp.) began with a few mining claims out of Nevada. Spun out from a former...

  • Li-Cycle CEO Ajay Kocchar, Justin Trudeau, Ursula von der Leyen, Tim Johnston.

    Trudeau, von der Leyen visit Li-Cycle

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Aug 16, 2023

    Leaders tour Ontario spoke facility to witness ongoing battery recycling efforts. Shortly after receiving approval for a US$375 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program, Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. was visited by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Joined by Li-Cycle co-founders Ajay Kochhar and Tim Johnston, the group observed lithium-ion batteries being...

  • Tesla's massive expanded Gigafactory in Nevada.

    Evolving EV market shifts mineral demand

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 8, 2023

    Less nickel, cobalt, and manganese in LFP cells offset by larger batteries in electric vehicles. A global rise of lithium ferro-phosphate (LFP) batteries for electric vehicles has provided a lower-cost option that is helping to enable the adoption of EVs by the masses and is taking some of the demand pressure off lithium-ion battery metals such as cobalt, nickel, and manganese. Adding more affordable but shorter-range LFP batteries to the mix, however, does little to relieve t...

  • A large canvas sack filled with lumps of recycled batteries or black mass.

    Electra recycles lithium from spent batteries

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 8, 2023

    Marking a significant milestone in its role as a leading electric vehicle battery recycler, Electra Battery Materials Corp. announced the successful recovery of technical-grade lithium carbonate from a black mass recycling trial conducted at its refinery north of Toronto, Canada. Black mass, the material remaining once expired lithium-ion batteries are shredded and all casings removed, typically consists of some mix of lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, copper, and graphite...

  • Graphic of potential geothermal uses for power generation, heating, and cooling.

    Geothermal promises increased potential

    K. Warner, For Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 13, 2023

    Geothermal power has generally represented region-specific and niche clean energy in the public consciousness for over a century. Today, thanks to a profusion of social outreach and government incentives, investors and leaders across both public and private sectors are exploring lesser-known applications and exciting advancements in the field. Just a few feet below the surface, the earth maintains a near-constant temperature that belies the seasonal extremes of aboveground...