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  • Fleet Space Technologies' cofounders standing with 100 employees.

    Fleet Space Technologies doubles valuation

    K. Warner, For Metal Tech News|Updated Sep 4, 2023

    Fleet Space Technologies has just completed its third fundraising round (Series C), more than doubling the company's valuation to over A$350 million (US$228 million). This financial achievement is a reflection of the company's innovative ExoSphere technology, which utilizes a constellation of low-earth-orbit nanosatellites for rapid 3D subsurface imaging that will help mining companies locate valuable minerals and metals. When combined with artificial intelligence and machine...

  • Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Senator Mark Kelly at Arizona Spoke.

    DOE secretary, senator visit Arizona Spoke

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Aug 16, 2023

    Following recent visits by heads of state such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to its lithium-ion battery recycling plant in Ontario, Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. welcomed U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly to a similar spoke facility in Gilbert, Arizona. "The Biden-Harris administration has a vision for a clean energy economy that is powered by American workers, innovators, and...

  • A front view of the new all-electric Ram 1550 pickup produced by Stellantis.

    Stellantis invests in next-gen Lyten tech

    K. Warner, For Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 9, 2023

    Stellantis Ventures has invested in accelerating the development and commercialization of Lyten's various 3D Graphene applications for the mobility industry, including the LytCell lithium-sulfur electric vehicle battery, lightweight composites, and groundbreaking onboard sensors. "We are delighted that Stellantis Ventures, as the venture investment arm of a global automotive innovator, has demonstrated a strong belief in our company and our Lyten 3D Graphene decarbonizing...

  • Lithium-ion battery co-inventor Dr. Whittingham in 1979 and today.

    ExxonMobil branches into lithium mining

    K. Warner, For Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 7, 2023

    In 2019, Exxon chemist Stanley Whittingham won the Nobel Prize for developing an early iteration of the lithium-ion battery while working at ExxonMobil's Clinton, New Jersey, corporate research lab back in 1973. Exxon even began a short run of manufacturing them in 1976, with early applications including camcorders, laptops, and cell phones. In 1972, the consensus among scientists was that we'd run out of oil in 50 years and had better find new technologies by the year 2000,... Full story

  • Rendering of layers of 2D materials sparking electricity between them.

    Superconductive 2D germanium transistor

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 7, 2023

    Developing on another element to the growing list of two-dimensional materials, researchers from the University of Twente in the Netherlands have demonstrated that germanene, a 2D material made of germanium atoms, can behave as a topological insulator – the first to consist of a single element – meaning it is comparable to transistors in that it can switch between on and off states for potentially more energy-efficient electronics. Topological insulators are materials wit...

  • Metallic rending of the hexagonal pattern of the 2D carbon known as graphene.

    Graphene hits high in LiO2 battery tests

    Rose Ragsdale, For Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 7, 2023

    HydroGraph Clean Power Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality nanomaterials, has cleared a new milestone in the field of energy storage, according to a study published recently in the Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage. HydroGraph reported May 24 that its graphene surpassed the performance of the leading cathode carbon materials in a lithium-oxygen battery test. Lithium-oxygen, Li-O2, batteries have emerged as one of the world's most promising energy...

  • Periodic table showing scandium, titanium, niobium, and other critical minerals.

    More Elk Creek critical minerals, alloys

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated May 30, 2023

    NioCorp looks at using Elk Creek scandium in Al-Sc alloys; increased niobium, titanium recoveries could boost economics of future mine. From the launch of a project aimed at producing incredibly strong and lightweight aluminum-scandium alloys, to significantly improving the recovery of niobium and titanium, NioCorp Developments Ltd. has released a flurry of promising new developments that elevate its goal of building a critical minerals hub around its Elk Creek project in...