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  • Coin battery cells being held by clamps connected to a diagnostic machine.

    Rare tellurium gets national notice

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 12, 2024

    US Department of Defense recognizes potential of critical energy metal; National Science Foundation offers First Tellurium grant opportunity. Tellurium is a rare element with some powerful properties that are being leveraged in American-made solar panels, solid-state batteries that could significantly extend the range of electric vehicles, and thermoelectric generators that convert temperature variations into clean electricity. Recognizing tellurium's criticality to clean ener... Full story

  • SpaceX Bandwagon-1 Mission launch at T-plus-two-seconds with telemetry.

    Fleet Space mineral exploration rockets

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    Centauri-6 delivers upgrades and optimizations to constellation of satellites that enable Fleet Space's ExoSphere mineral exploration tech. The payload of SpaceX Falcon 9 launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 7 included a next-generation Centauri-6 satellite that will upgrade and expand upon Fleet Space Technologies' constellation of low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites that are playing a vital role in exploring Earth for the minerals needed for the clean...

  • Scientist Lui Ping holds glass vial of lithium-sulfur cathode powder.

    Scientists make Li-S battery advances

    Rose Ragsdale, For Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    Recent studies pay off with major improvements in charging times and conductivity in solid-state lithium-sulfur battery technology. A flurry of scientific advances from Australia to California in recent months could soon propel lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries into direct competition with their lithium-ion cousins. Researchers at the University of Adelaide, Tianjin University in China, and the Australian Synchrotron recently reported results of a study that suggests the next...

  • An EV being charged with solar panels and wind turbines in the distance.

    Energy minerals pullback worries IEA

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    International Energy Agency says significant investments are still needed for critical minerals supply to keep pace with clean energy demand. While encouraged by the billions of dollars that has been invested in developing new supplies of the minerals and metals critical to the energy transition, the International Energy Agency (IEA) cautions that the current well-supplied market may not be a good guide for the future of critical minerals. "The world's appetite for...

  • A mine worker in high visibility coveralls and hard hat monitors operations.

    SRC buys Canada's first rare earths ore

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    High-grade REE concentrate previously destined for China is now on its way to Saskatchewan for further processing. As home to the first rare earths mine in Canada, Vital Metal Ltd.'s Nechalacho project in Northwest Territories grabbed national headlines as the initial link of a burgeoning rare earth supply chain that would be completely independent of China. With this being hailed as a major milestone for Canada and its allies, Vital's announcement late last year that it...

  • A well-lit industrial building in Utah reflects perfectly off a pond at night.

    Utah uranium mill produces rare earths

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    Energy Fuels begins commercial neodymium-praseodymium production at White Mesa Mill; has sights set on world-class expansions. On the path to toward establishing its White Mesa Mill as a world-class hub for at least six of the metals critical to the energy transition, Energy Fuels Inc. is now producing commercial quantities of neodymium-praseodymium (NdPr), a pair of rare earths widely used in electric vehicle motors at the uranium production facility in southeastern Utah....

  • Map showing mines, mineral exploration projects, and refineries in Canada.

    Canada expands critical minerals list

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    Adds silicon metal, high-purity iron ore, and phosphorous to 31 materials already on the list. Toward the goal of positioning itself as the "global supplier of choice" for the minerals and metals essential to modern technologies, especially the enormous quantities of raw materials being demanded by a world transitioning to clean energy, Canada has assembled an updated and expanded list of minerals critical to the northern nation. "By updating Canada's Critical Minerals List, w...

  • Stacks of large bins filled with old computers and other e-waste.

    FedEx flips Tennessee e-waste for minerals

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Jul 11, 2024

    Partnership with Pyxera successfully tested a "circular logistics" model to upcycle critical minerals from electronic waste. Following a successful pilot program at the end of last year in Tennessee, FedEx, Pyxera Global, and several other companies have launched the Circular Supply Chain Coalition (CSCC) to boost the domestic supply of critical minerals for new tech hardware in the United States by "mining" discarded consumer electronics. CSCC's vision is to strengthen and ex...

  • Logistics transportation vehicles – cargo ship, truck, and plane.

    Forging a strong tech metals supply chain

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Jun 17, 2024

    Changing how the West approaches globalism will be the key to a circular economy the whole world can get behind. The Western world has found itself in a unique crisis that has brought systemic vulnerabilities into sharp relief. An overreliance on problematic imports has been exposed (especially post-COVID) as a rat's nest of potential supply chain disruptions, global inequality, deregulation and competition-killing corporate consolidation – all while leaving the power of marke... Full story

  • Wooden tiles of the elements on the periodic table.

    Can US lead again in critical materials

    Jack Lifton|Updated Jun 1, 2024

    It will take a village for America to lead again in critical materials. While the patriotic rallying cry is clear, the critical thinking behind our country's commitment to critical materials is muddled. The U.S. is putting money where its mouth is – funding domestic critical minerals projects as well as imports from friendly nations – with the goal of reclaiming our leadership status from China. Critical materials, the collective noun for critical minerals and metals, are ess... Full story

  • A woman and two men smiling in hard hats.

    U.S. seeks to rebuild mining workforce

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated May 27, 2024

    Policies and investments hinge on an incoming labor pool that sees mining in a modern light. With Washington's policies and cash infusions in full force to accelerate fair trade mineral and processing partnerships and develop a domestic supply, the U.S. mining sector must quickly find and train a new workforce to keep the industry producing. "The U.S. must ready the next generation of mining engineers, metallurgists, and geoscientists to develop the secure, transparent, and... Full story

  • A geologist’s hammer on top of a pile of heavily mineralized rocks.

    VerAI joins gallium, rare earths search

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated May 22, 2024

    U.S. Critical Materials leveraging AI-powered tech to maximize efficiency of outlining high-grade critical mineral deposits at Sheep Creek. Looking to quickly and efficiently expand upon the remarkably high-grade rare earths and gallium identified at Sheep Creek, US Critical Materials Corp. has forged a strategic alliance with VerAI Discoveries Inc. to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to explore its promising critical minerals project in southwestern Montana.... Full story

  • Innovation Mining logo with representation of gold atoms.

    Innovative solution for stranded gold

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated May 8, 2024

    EnviroMetal founder launches new company to advance eco-friendly alternative to cyanide for the recovery of gold from small-scale gold mines. When Duane Nelson stepped down from his leadership role at EnviroMetal Technologies, he had a vision of building a new clean-tech company to continue to advance the eco-friendly gold recovery solution that he had helped to develop – Innovation Mining is that company. Formerly known as DynaVat Technologies, Innovation Mining is focused o...

  • Couple in hard hats in a cave with a carved stone car.

    OEMs move upstream in metals supply chain

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated May 3, 2024

    Car and battery manufacturers are getting in on the critical minerals mining business. There has been an increasing trend of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for electric vehicles, and the batteries that power them are moving upstream in the global metals supply chain to secure deals for their own feedstocks of critical minerals – entering into mineral offtake agreements directly with mining companies, investing in mining projects, and joint mining ventures. Until r...

  • Dignitaries shake hands after signing an international agreement.

    Saskatchewan critical mineral partnerships

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Apr 25, 2024

    Canadian province signs strategic minerals partnership with France; Saskatchewan Research Council secures rare earths feedstock for Saskatoon processing plant. Saskatchewan's strategy to become a North American hub for the minerals and metals critical to clean energy and other future-leaning technologies was bolstered by two agreements signed on Monday. The first agreement was a letter of intent signed with France to explore, develop, and cooperate on new strategic mineral...

  • Lana Alagha conducting an experiment at Missouri S&T.

    Missouri S&T innovates minerals recovery

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Apr 23, 2024

    Researcher Lana Alagha received $875,000 from Rio Tinto to explore gallium and germanium recovery from copper waste streams. In a landmark development for critical minerals recovery, global mining company Rio Tinto has granted Missouri University of Science and Technology professor Lana Alagha $875,000 for a two-year project that seeks to pioneer novel techniques for extracting the highly sought after critical minerals gallium and germanium from waste generated in copper... Full story

  • Dozens of plumes of emissions in an industrial district.

    DOE funding makes decarbonization history

    A.J. Roan, Metal Tech News|Updated Apr 2, 2024

    Largest industrial decarbonization investment ever in US history; will see $6 billion across 33 projects throughout the nation. Stoking the non-emissive fires of industry once again, the U.S. Department of Energy has leveraged another significant share of Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to inject upwards of $6 billion into 33 projects across more than 20 states to decarbonize energy-intensive industries, reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions, and invigorate job...

  • An AI representation of quantum computing with electronic structures in globes.

    Quantum computing quest lands on rare earth

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 18, 2024

    Materials scientists identified europium as an ideal element for a new material that is a strong candidate for use in quantum memory. Pioneering into the frontiers of technology has scientists venturing deeper into the periodic table to discover elements with properties required for tomorrow's innovations. This is especially true for quantum computers and networks, which demand very specific and unique attributes that require a scientific expedition into unexplored chemical re... Full story

  • Jars of colorful terbium, dysprosium, holmium, and erbium rare earth oxides.

    Canada doubles down on rare earths tech

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 6, 2024

    NRCan invests $5 million in SRC's REE separation plant. With a C$5 million (US$3.7 million) investment into Saskatchewan Research Council's (SRC) rare earth processing and separation facility in Saskatoon, Sask., Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is doubling down on its support of technologies that will help bolster Canada's leadership in responsible production of critical minerals needed for the clean energy and digital economy. "Separating these rare earths is instrumental in...

  • Puzzle pieces of Chinese and U.S. flags over a globe.

    Critical minerals cold war heats up

    K. Warner, Metal Tech News|Updated Mar 6, 2024

    Massive geothermal lithium reserves give U.S. leverage while superpowers employ protectionist measures around supply chains. There's a new international race, not into space or to establish military superiority, but to secure critical minerals in a worldwide resource grab for the feedstocks that will fuel a global green energy transition. While we're all on the same side – or, in this case, the same planet – the superpowers have been at odds with how to achieve net-zero car...

  • Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers a speech at Vitals’ REE plant.

    Top 10 Metal Tech News articles of 2023

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 4, 2024

    From Trudeau's visit to Vital REE plant to a Chinese firm buying Vital stock and Canada rare earths, MTN counts down the 10 most popular articles of 2023. From the energy transition driving enormous new demand for technology metals to advances in technologies that make the mining of those materials more efficient and sustainable, 2023 was a big year for tech metals and mining tech news. Here are the 10 most popular Metal Tech News articles of 2023: No. 10 - Trudeau tours Vital... Full story

  • Burst of green northern lights over a crusher at the Nechalacho rare earth mine.

    Chinese firm buys Canada's rare earths

    Shane Lasley, Data Mine North|Updated Jan 3, 2024

    Shenghe acquires ore stockpile that symbolized a shift away from China for REEs critical to North America's green energy and high-tech sectors. High-grade ore dug up from a small open pit at Vital Metal Ltd.'s Nechalacho project in the summer of 2021 marked the start of Canada's first rare earth elements mine and the first link in an REE supply chain that was envisioned to be completely independent of China. "The combination of our efforts clearly work together towards the...

  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security seal on an American flag backdrop.

    Department of homeland mineral security

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Jan 1, 2024

    Agency founded to fight terrorism views mining and critical minerals as vital to economic, national security of the homeland. For most Americans, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security conjures up images of an intelligence agency borne from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that employs TSA airport screenings, border checkpoints, and internet monitoring to protect Americans from terrorist threats, both foreign and domestic. And these airport, border,... Full story

  • White, yellow, black, and grey piles of powered rare earth elements.

    Wyoming rare earths plant gets final okay

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Nov 29, 2023

    DOE finishes NEPA review needed to build demo plant that will process a high-grade rare earth sample from the Bear Lodge project north of Upton, Wyoming. Clearing another hurdle on its path to offering a reliable domestic alternative to China for the rare earths needed to propel the clean energy transition, Rare Element Resources Ltd. Nov. 16 announced that the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has finalized its National Environmental...

  • Closeup of the silvery crystalline structures of gallium in its solid state.

    Gallium: A catalyst for the green future

    Shane Lasley, Metal Tech News|Updated Nov 13, 2023

    Liquid metal again displays an almost magical ability to become a catalyst for lowering CO2 in the atmosphere A liquid metal with semiconductor properties that make it an essential ingredient in next-generation smartphones, telecommunication networks, and solar technologies, gallium already lives at the edge of science fiction and science reality. Working at this threshold, Australian scientists are demonstrating that gallium may also be a major catalyst for the green energy f... Full story

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