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 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
View over water storage tank toward the desert mining town of Superior, Ariz.

US mining impacted by water shortages

Mining – especially regarding copper, lithium, and other critical minerals – is one of the most water-intensive industries, and the sector is facing increased operational risks, including community... — Updated 9/27/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech 
Computer-generated image of critical and precious metals and gems.

DOE critical minerals collaboration launch

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy launched a unifying Critical Materials Collaborative this week to "harness and unify critical materials research across... — Updated 9/26/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech 
A container full of powdery pink recycled neodymium material.

Geomega closes in on finalizing groundwork

Provides update on magnet and bauxite recycling pilot plants, and nominates supply chain expert to serve on board. Coming into the final months of 2023, Geomega Resources Inc., a leading developer of... — Updated 9/26/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech
Three battery-electric heavy equipment vehicles by Epiroc.

Epiroc seeks to elevate mining autonomy

Collabs with academia, tech firm, with funding from government for future safe, smart vehicles. With 150 years of experience in all things mining, Sweden-based Epiroc has unveiled its next generation in... — Updated 9/26/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech
An ExynAero drone on a landing pad underground.

Exyn strengthens strategic partnerships

Further solidifying its leadership in the world of multi-platform robotic autonomy for complex and GPS-denied environments, Exyn Technologies Inc. has secured funding that strengthens the autonomous roboti... — Updated 9/19/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
A hand holding the graphics of ESG and its various positive influences.

Blockchain, ESG, and mining standards

U.S. supply chains for critical minerals in energy, automotive, aeronautic and defense markets are up against the challenge of establishing credible "green credentials" amidst sweeping company promises,... — Updated 9/18/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Researcher inspects strings wicking lithium and salts from a beaker of brine.

Lithium string theory is elegant solution

May be the tech for unifying green energy future and the not-so-often green methods of producing lithium. Researchers at Princeton have developed a surprisingly efficient and environmentally friendly... — Updated 9/18/2023 Full story

Computer-generated rendering of Geodes transmitting data to a satellite.

Fleet Space ups exploration commitment

Space Age mineral exploration firm invests in mining company using its cutting-edge tech. Going above and beyond its already well-established commitment to employing space-based mineral exploration technol... — Updated 9/12/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Artist’s concept of 16 Psyche and the craft being sent to explore.

Countdown to Psyche mission launch

At T-minus 25 days until the launch of the Psyche, the technicians behind this first mission to a metal-rich asteroid beyond the orbit of Mars can barely contain their excitement. "It's getting... — Updated 9/12/2023 Full story

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Two suited crew members collect rock samples from the moon’s surface.

Mining and manufacturing on the Moon

NASA has selected the geology team for the Artemis III moon flight, the first crewed lunar landing mission since the Apollo missions over 50 years ago. The astrogeology team will help plan geological... — Updated 9/6/2023

Maps showing geophysical anomalies across Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

Australia, Canada, and US merge geo data

Compile national-scale datasets to assist tri-national critical minerals mapping initiative. Part of a larger collaboration to better understand the critical minerals potential across Australia, Canada, an... — Updated 8/31/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Rendering of crew looking on at futuristic undersea nodule collectors.

The lawless frontier of deep-sea mining

Deep-sea battery metals mining has created an ocean-sized rift between those that want to speed regulations, slow the process, to save the planet. Loose legislation and tight deadlines have created a... — Updated 8/29/2023 Full story

A loaded truck emerges from the underground mine portal at Roseberry.

MMG installs driver fatigue alert system

Mining company installs Hexagon’s operator alert system to monitor for signs of fatigue at underground mine in Tasmania. To enhance the safety of mining truck operators carrying out repetitive tasks over... — Updated 8/29/2023

Artist rendering of at RIINO monorail hauling rocks up a steep mining slope.

MICA funds for Sudbury mining innovators

$2.1M awarded to three companies advancing tech for more sustainable, productive mining The Greater Sudbury region of Ontario is so enriched with deposits containing nickel and other metals needed for the... — Updated 8/29/2023 Full story

High-purity scandium dendrite crystals next to one-centimeter cube.

NioCorp produces scandium metal in US

As first step in a 3-phase strategy to upgrade Elk Creek scandium to Al-Sc master alloy at commercial scale. The need for durable and lightweight alloys for electric vehicles, mass transit systems,... — Updated 8/23/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Young female worker with hard hat and PPE in a warehouse setting.

U.S. critical minerals workforce needed

Alongside critical minerals demand, there's another shortage in the U.S. that has the mining industry just as worried – fresh faces in the labor pool. The global economy is in the midst of a... — Updated 8/22/2023

A rock pump house and smoke stack on the picturesque Cornish coast.

A $67 million boost for Cornish Lithium

Large investment aims to reinvent historic Cornwall mining region as a lithium hub to power the UK's net-zero future. In support of domestic sources of lithium that will help power the United Kingdom's... — Updated 8/16/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech
A mining haul truck used to carry thousands of tons a day.

Mines researcher champions clean mining

Seeking ways to mitigate and reduce carbon emissions, a doctoral postgraduate of mining engineering and management from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology has taken it upon herself to explore a ne... — Updated 8/9/2023 Full story

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech
A giant vat of molten steel slag pouring into a pit.

Baffinland iron for German green steel

One of the northernmost mines in the world, Baffinland's Mary River operation on Baffin Island in Nunavut, Canada, has among the richest iron ore deposits ever discovered, and a recent cooperation with... — Updated 8/8/2023 Full story

Rio Tinto’s Yarwun alumina refinery in Queensland, Australia.

Mining heavyweights to build pilot plant

Rio Tinto and Sumitomo Corp. have teamed up to build a demonstration plant aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the production of aluminum. The A$111.1 million (US$73.9 million) pilot project, t... — Updated 8/8/2023

A field of boulders deposited by an ancient river on Mars.

Perseverance prospects Martian river

Martian geologist takes a page from Earth prospectors; collects sample of a conglomerate of rocks that washed down a Mars river. When a geologist must ship rock samples 217 million miles for analysis, only... — Updated 7/31/2023

 By K. Warner    Mining Tech
Tall industrial smoke stacks create a cloud of emissions at sunset.

Cheaper, safer industrial carbon capture

College of Science researchers at Oregon State University have demonstrated an improved carbon capture method using an inexpensive nanomaterial made from aluminum to scrub carbon dioxide from industrial... — Updated 7/25/2023

Closeup of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Lake Superior on a map.

Avalon advances Ontario lithium strategy

MOU with Metso lays groundwork for the processing tech to produce lithium hydroxide for EV batteries at a planned plant in Thunder Bay, Ont. In a major step toward its goal of becoming the first... — Updated 7/25/2023

 By A.J. Roan    Mining Tech
Komatsu’s latest 980E-5SE electric mining haul truck in the field.

Komatsu's new E-powertrain mining truck

Leveraging its world-class heavy equipment and technology expertise, Komatsu has introduced the 980E-5SE, which boasts the highest-in-class horsepower available on an ultra-class mining truck. Given the st... — Updated 7/3/2023

Two Cat 793 trucks haul equipped with BreadCrumbs haul ore at Fort Knox Mine.

Rajant offers connectivity for every mine

Kinetic Mesh tech delivers reliable, fast, and scalable network solutions to modern digital mines of all sizes. From giant equipment autonomously digging ore at global-scale copper mines to industrial... — Updated 6/27/2023 Full story


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